Check out that hem – nice and smooth – no wrinkles or bubbles! This is the fabric that has given me so much grief and it’s been tamed with a whole lot of knit interfacing. I had planned on using my coverstitch to finish this off, but was afraid that I would have a mess on my hands, wack off several inches, and have a project that was 10 inches shorter than what it was meant to be…. so I finished it with a twin needle. I still have a few finishing touches before this sample is complete. I guess it’s back to the sewing room then!
What are your plans for the weekend – sewing or otherwise?

5 thoughts on “Hem

  1. suzanne

    “ahem”…..nice hem!
    (get it?… clearing my throat…”ahem” to clearly say….good job!)

  2. Aimey

    Excellent job! That is a beautiful hem. This weekend my daughter and I are making sit-upons for our Girl Scout camping weekend coming up in June.

  3. Gwensews

    Very professional looking hem! Stabilizing solves a lot of issues. No sewing for me this weekend. We had our little grandsons, ages 2 and 10 months overnight. Church and out to brunch tomorrow, followed by doing some errands. That’s ok–I’m so in love with those little boys and spending time with them is the absolute best!

  4. zaneta

    Hi Stacy,
    This looks amazing, very neat. I can’t wait to see it. I am baking a banana cake and then hoping to finish off some applique for a store bought overall suit for Ethan. I am trying out a hand understitched applique for a different look. So instead of machine stitching you turn over SA and then slip stitch all over. That is all I have planned for today!

  5. Jane

    Wow, that looks really nice. I’m going to try the interfacing. We just bought my daughter a sewing machine and she wants to make a t-shirt, so we’ll practice on her machine. Thanks!

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