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I’ve spent the better part of my evening this week playing around with my new toy Amy Butler Softwares. This is my first experience with sewing patterns on CD and I can honestly say, I have not been disappointed. This is a stand alone software (although it is compatible with Electric Quilt 6) for your PC or Mac systems that run Windows (with Virtual PC) and contains 22 unique home decor projects (8 quilts, 3 table runners, 7 pillows, 1 floor cushion and 3 bags). Also included are 9 ‘bonus’ projects which are a variety of tutorials that have appeared on Amy’s site.
The design of the CD is easy to navigate and is extremely user friendly – it allows you to start ‘playing’ immediately without spending time reading a manual. However, if you’re interested in some of the more complex aspects of the software such as customizing quilt patterns, all the instructions are available right on the CD. That’s right, you can take existing project patterns and make them ‘your own’ by erasing, flipping, rotating blocks, adding boarders, altering layouts, and changing fabrics! No matter what you chose, either the project as it’s written or complete customization, all sewing instructions are provided as well as fabric requirements (even if you alter the pattern!).
Also included in the CD is a sewing glossary, tips, and technique section, resource guide, list of available fabrics by Amy, and loads of inspiration projects and photos.
The Bottom Line: I can sum up this software in one word, Wow! Between the projects included on the CD and the customization features, I have a strong desire to sew up a quilt (and the floor cushions and a bag or two), stat! If you’re looking for something new, like to quilt, or in need of some new home decor projects, you’ll definitely want to give Amy Butler’s Electric Quilt Softwares a try!

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  1. Peggy

    Stacy, one problem I’ve had with Amy’s books is the tiny type face. How is the type on the software? Can’t wait to see some of your projects from it.

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