Fabric Woes

I know. Normally, I would have put up a post hours ago, but today I’ve found myself to be a determined sewer instead of a blogger. Why? I’ve found a fabric that has completely frustrated me. It’s a very thin organic cotton knit – not only does it want to constantly curl, but it’s also one of those fabrics that need interfacing every step of the way otherwise you’ll never be able to put in a proper hem, etc. Heaven forbid you make a mistake either – otherwise you’ve just made a permanent hole in the material! (I also swear that it also shrunk a bit after putting a hot iron to it as well). I’m finding that I need to pull out all those ‘knit tricks’ to make this fabric behave…….
Now that I’ve finally figured out how to work with this fabric, it’s time to take a bit of a break from the project – I think I need some R&R before taking it up again!
I’d love to know what fabric has given you the most trouble, is it a knit, a ravelly woven, slippery silk???? Let’s share our fabric woes!

8 thoughts on “Fabric Woes

  1. Pam ~Off The Cuff~

    The most horrible fabric I ever worked with was sent to me by a client…so I could make a shirt for him.
    I swear this fabric was EVIL. It seemed like just looking at it would cause it to ravel. Every time it even got close to the iron…it “grew”. Finally I put it aside for a while…at the end of my cutting table..where it laid there mocking me.
    I finally finished the %$^#@! shirt, but never again will I accept fabric from a client, LOL!

  2. Christy S

    I’m thinking that my worst fabric was one I used for a jacket for a Christmas party two years ago. It just wouldn’t stop unravelling. It also have metallic threads. Wouldn’t you know it – I scratched all evening. I still have the jacket though — just have to wear it with long sleeves. Second on my list — a burn out fabric. Oh wait, I can’t believe I forgot that stupid sparkly “crystal” fabric that a friend brought me for her daughter’s dress. The sparkles were made of dabs of hard plastic or something. Ugh! Never again.

  3. bernadette

    I had a lot of trouble with a fabric I never thought would be a problem – woven linen. I think it was the light weight ( batiste) that caused issues (like with your fabric.) It was so wiggly! I could not keep the seams straight and even though the dress was a lined sheath, it hung strangely. Super thin fabrics are a pain. And they don’t hold up very well, either. I bought a “tissue knit” tunic sweater by Vera Wang for Kohl’s and wore it just a few times before it developed holes – apparently just from touching my bra strap “hardware”!
    I know some people use spray starch to stiffen difficult fabrics before cutting and sewing – and then wash it out afterward. I sometimes, in the way past, used to underline (=cut and sew two fabrics as if they were one) flimsy fabrics with stable fabric and that worked but bulked up the garment a bit. I would like to take a class to learn how to handle difficult fabrics.

  4. suzanne

    faux fur for a halloween costume…..one of those knight and horse costumes that the kid puts around his/her waist and wears a pair of fur pants with hoofs to look like two of the horses legs……that fur is still up my nose and down the back of my throat 15 years after I made that darling costume for my now 19 year old son! (I didn’t own a serger back then so there was no taming this stuff! :)…..There were fur balls everywhere!

  5. Katrine

    I am currently making a vest out of linen. If you make a mistake it is very difficult to unpick the stitching without making a hole. I haven’t been able to make a button hole. The fabric just bunches in place making a mess of the fabric and the thread. I’ve tried additional interfacing with no help. grrrr….

  6. Jane

    I struggle with all knits. I seem to get so many skipped stitches. I use the ball point, change the needle size, no matter, it never seems to be perfect.

  7. Nancy W

    Curling knits are the worst. The last time I had one of these I had to beat it into submission with lots of starch. I never really liked the top much after that either.

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