Well, Crud

Do you know how to start your day off wrong? Write an incredibly long blog entry the night before and discover that it didn’t save. It’s gone! Vanished! Bret is taking the day off to go fishing and has taken Taylor with him so I just don’t have the time to go back and re-write it all. I guess I’ll try again this weekend. GGRRRR.
In the mean time, I plan to hit up Joann’s Memorial Day sale and pick up a few notions that I’m out of (not to mention thread). I think I may also soothe myself by doing some fabric shopping too. What are your plans for today and this weekend?

7 thoughts on “Well, Crud

  1. suzanne

    bummer…I’ll bet it was good too!
    Last day of school today 🙂 I can not believe how fast a school year blows by. Next year I’ll have a second grader, eleventh grader and a college sophomore!
    I think I’ll work on a sewing project to help me to get over the feeling of being OLD!
    Something, young and flirty???? Maybe, McCalls pattern number M5851???? (sorry, I don’t know how to post a link and my “tech-man” oldest son is curled up in the bed) Have a good weekend!

  2. Beth Conky

    Finishing my daughters wedding dress. It has 50 pieces in it. It’s a combo of patterns mixed together. I might hit Joann’s if I have time. Love when the notions are 50% off.

  3. MichelleB

    Well, crap, indeed. Apparently I am now going to JoAnn’s – because I didn’t realize that they had patterns on sale, and there are a couple that I want. This was NOT part of the plan. LOL

  4. Amanda

    Planning on resting a lot since I’m 11 weeks pregnant and hoping the morning sickness ends soon. Also planning on hitting up Hancock Fabrics they are having an excellent sale this weekend. (My JoAnns is an hour away) Hopefully buying some fabric to make a cute summer maternity dress. By the way has anyone sewed a maternity bathing suit?

  5. Gwensews

    Well-my husband is in the hospital for the 2nd time this month, getting his arteries fixed. Again. My plan for the weekend is to get him home and let him rest. No BBQs, no celebrations.

  6. Pam ~ Off The Cuff ~

    Well, I’m ahead of schedule this week (for a change)! I’ve sewn and posted 2 shirts made for clients to my blog.
    So, I suppose this weekend I’ll continue to try to find that “Tatoo Tees” book…that’s still lost in my studio, LOL!
    Oh..and I really need to sew a new pair of jeans…

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