My Latest Jacket

I may be a little behind on the Ottobre Sew Along, but I’m happy to report that my Ottobre Jacket is complete! As a whole the entire jacket was a cinch to complete – the hardest part was getting the zipper lined up so that all the seams met at the same point (by the way, I found the 22″ zipper in my 38 to be too small and wound up going back to get a 24″). The fit is great, except that I think the upper arms are a bit on the snug side (I can’t tell if this is just me as I seem to have much larger biceps since having Easton or just the way the jacket is drafted since it looks tight on the model as well).
So what does it look like zipped?

A bit like Uncle Fester, don’t you think? It’s the color really – anything but grayblack and I think it would look fine – although I never really planned to wear it that way anyway!

7 thoughts on “My Latest Jacket

  1. suzanne

    Your comparison to Uncle Fester is a riot! A morning “laugh out loud” while I’m trying to get a drama queen 16 year old girl and very chatty 7 year old boy to drink his milk and get out the door to school is just what I needed this a.m.! ha
    btw….the jacket looks great! Is that a knit? The color is probably perfect for all of this rain and gloomy weather we’ve had and are expecting, ugh, enough alread!

  2. Gwensews

    Oh no–you don’t look like Uncle Fester at all! The jacket looks great. Lightweight, and something you can wear all year.

  3. MichelleB

    It looks great! I got my book, too. I can hardly wait to look through it. Thanks again!

  4. melissa

    heehee – I think you got the Fester grin down already! I think the jacket looks great, I’m such a sucker for grey…

  5. Jamie

    LOL – hardly Uncle Fester, but I got a good laugh! I haven’t made that pattern so I can’t vouch for the snugness of the sleeves, but babies definitely cause bicep bulge!!

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