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Linky Thursday

Amy Butler has been a very busy woman – not only does she have 2 new patterns coming out (I understand that they were reveled at Quilt Market), but she also has a new line of organic bedding, a collection of sewing projects on CD, and a second round of Sweet Life bags. Speaking of, if you haven’t already entered the drawing, be sure to check out this entry to see how you can win a Sweet Life bag of your own!
Perfect for summer – a hands free pillow book pattern. [link via Craft]
Submit your design to Burda Style and you could see your sketch turned into a pattern! Don’t know how to sketch fashion? Watch this video as Rob and Corinne get a lesson from Simplicity on how to do it!
I love messenger bags. Not only is this one adorable, but it’s a free tutorial too! [link via Craft Gossip]
Bee Square is giving away one of my favorite Jay McCarroll prints.
After watching this video, you’ll be able to make a cute babydoll topdress from a graphic tee!
Probably one of the strangest tutorials I’ve seen – how to make an ice cream cozie. I don’t know how you would keep this clean, I guess I must be a messy eater! [link via Whip Up]
A cute sketch book pattern – now if I only sketched…. [link via Craft]
A new Sew Forth podcast is up!

Last Day

Today is Taylor’s last day of school for the year (for those that are wondering when she started, it was August 14) which makes me wonder, “Where did the year go?”. She had a fantastic group of teachers this year – not only did Taylor look forward to going every day, she learned a lot too. Consequently, I wanted to send them a small token of our appreciation. Time, however, really got away from me so everything was very last minute. The first thing I decided to make…. totes! This one is fully reversible – Farmer’s Market on one side and a coordinating stripe on the other. I figure that teachers get plenty of apple stuff so if they’re tired of it, they can always switch to the other side. I also boxed it out so make more room for whatever is being hauled around.
I also couldn’t resist making a baby gift set for one of Taylor’s teachers who announced she would be giving birth around Thanksgiving. I whipped up a couple coordinating burp cloths and a onesie. The thing I love best about it is the fabric, I just love those little fishies!

How about you all, what are you planning on doing for your teacher’s gifts?

Jalie’s New Wrap Top

Last year, at this time, I was starting the very slow process of losing my baby weight. I went to the doctor’s office last week and found out that I’ve lost a little over 20 pounds (I still have about 8 or 9 to go)! While this is great news, it’s really wrecked havoc with my sewing – I have no idea what size to sew up anymore and my alterations are constantly changing. What does this have to do with my latest Jalie top? Read on.
I measured myself and found that I was in between sizes in most areas. I errored on the side of caution and traced the larger size – I should have went with the smaller one! The underarm area gaped (although I think this would have happened no matter what size I used) quite a bit and there was quite a bit of room on the sides. After taking in these areas I had a great fit! I’ve already worn this top once, but I really need to wash it because the material stretched after being in it all day. Afterward, I plan on stitching the two front panels together so I don’t get any gaping.

Overall this top is another Jalie winner. However, next time, I plan on going down one size. Yes, weight loss creates some pattern sizing issues, but sometimes, that’s a good thing, right? (I’ll be posting a review of this on PR later on today if you’re interested)

Amy Butler Giveaway

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you know that I am a HUGE Amy Butler fan – not only does she put out gorgeous fabrics and patterns (oh yes, and books too!), but even designs and sells her own bags. A little over a year ago, I purchased one for myself (the Sanibel) and love it – not only is it beautifully constructed and heavyweight, but it has lots of compartments so everything has ‘it’s place’. Amy’s second line of these Sweet Life Bags has just been released and here’s your chance to win one. Amy has generously donated a Hampton Bag (show on the left) to be won by one lucky commenter!
Here’s how to enter: Just leave a comment in this post by midnight, May 24 on how you would use your new Hampton Bag. Mention this contest on your blog and get a second entry (please leave a second comment with the link to your post in the “URL” section of the comments page only – I have a high spam filter and if you place it in the comments directly it may never show up on the site)! Don’t have a website? No problem, post the contest on your Facebook or Twitter status instead! While you’re at it, be sure to check out all the new Sweet Life colors and styles!

photos by David Butler

Weekend Break

Bret is playing in a golf tournament this weekend so I thought I would take this opportunity to visit with some good friends, go out for a great lunch, and shop! Consequently, I won’t be blogging tomorrow, but I promise that you won’t be disappointed when I come back on Monday… I have a FANTASTIC Amy Butler giveaway to post, pictures of my completed Jalie top, and some sneak peeks of upcoming projects! Have a good weekend and see you on Monday!

Sewing For Summer

This week turned out surprisingly busy – not only did I manage to finish up my Ottobre Jacket and attend a lot of Taylor’s end of school events (school ends the 20th of May), but I also managed to trace off Jalie 2910. I intend on sewing up the sleeveless version first using the floral print interlock that I recently picked up from The Flower Fairy (shown on the right) – I think it screams summer! How are you planning on kicking off your summer sewing?

Linky Thursday

Need a father’s day gift idea? Find the busiest, loudest fabric and make him a pair of golf pants.
Make a pretty needle book. Need something larger? Try this weighted pincushion organizer!
These cereal box storage bins are a beautiful way to hide your morning breakfast! [link via Craft]
Vickie Howell’s free pattern, the Doris scarf.
Just in time for summer, Weekend Designer has put up a Chemise Sundress pattern.
Christopher Nejman posted some pictures from his upcoming book (January 2010) on his Facebook page today and that’s when I noticed this… a trailer for Celebrity Bags! I’ve got this one on my wishlist now.
How to sew with electronics.
I’ve always wanted to give these a try – make your own dish scrubbies!
I think this would be perfect as a teacher’s end of school year gift – the alphabet mini quilt.
Grosgrain has another very cute giveaway!
Another great t-shirt refashion. I never seem to get tired of seeing these!

My Latest Jacket

I may be a little behind on the Ottobre Sew Along, but I’m happy to report that my Ottobre Jacket is complete! As a whole the entire jacket was a cinch to complete – the hardest part was getting the zipper lined up so that all the seams met at the same point (by the way, I found the 22″ zipper in my 38 to be too small and wound up going back to get a 24″). The fit is great, except that I think the upper arms are a bit on the snug side (I can’t tell if this is just me as I seem to have much larger biceps since having Easton or just the way the jacket is drafted since it looks tight on the model as well).
So what does it look like zipped?

A bit like Uncle Fester, don’t you think? It’s the color really – anything but grayblack and I think it would look fine – although I never really planned to wear it that way anyway!

Crafting Lost

The season finale of Lost is tomorrow night and I’m getting ready for the big event! Too bad I didn’t know about these Lost Swap Galleries beforehand otherwise I could have made some crafty goodies before the end of this year’s show.
Of course, if you’d like to leave your theories about the show, feel free to leave them here. Bret and I have a ton of them going, I’d love to hear some other thoughts!

Hems And Zippers

After a few weeks reprieve, I’ve started back up on my Ottobre jacket – just in time too because our warm weather seems to have been put on hold and replaced by chilly, damp air! I managed to get the body of the jacket put together and topstitched everything. All I have left are the hems and inserting the zipper:

I spent a great deal of time pondering which way to have the stripes running on the collar. I settled on cutting them vertically so when the collar lays down they look horizontal. I had also checked a jacket that Taylor got earlier in the year and noticed that’s the way hers was running as well.
Let’s hope it stays cool before this jacket is finished!