Linky Thursday

Turn a boxy shirt into a cute summer blouse! [link via Craft Gossip]
Feel like you can never have enough aprons? Then be sure to join the latest Apron ‘Club’ Swap!
Looking for Hot Patterns LaRue, Nairobi, and other (previously) free patterns? Now you can get for a limited time – they’ve printed 100 of each and are now up for sale!
I remember making these many years ago so I guess it’s true, fashion really does come back around…. sew yourself up a pair of wrap pants.
Have you seen the Picnic Frock giveaway on Grosgrain? Fabulous!!
I see a lot of requests for these on Craftster, now you can make your own Jordy bag with this free pattern!
It’s been raining almost every day this week so I’m needing to feel a bit of spring… maybe I should stitch up a few of these birds.
Bee Square is giving away some of Echino’s Bird to Hang in green (the same fabric that I used for the Echino Boston Bag)!
Jalie has a new (well two) video up for their pocket diapers!
Reusable make-up remover pads. I’d hate to think what they look like after a few washes… you should see my washcloths!
A pretty and feminine spring top!
Who wouldn’t want to stitch up these cute corset sashets for their unmentionables drawer? [link via Craft]

3 thoughts on “Linky Thursday

  1. Sarah

    I love that blouse! I’m ransacking my husband’s old shirts! Hmmm…the wrap pants…like them, but like the come back of jumpsuits, not really practical for someone who takes their children with them on errands. (Scratching you head? Don’t know what I mean? Well, I’ll tell you). Every once in a while I get out the door forgetting to pee (TMI? Sorry) and of course I have a-l-l of my children with me (they are the reason I forgot!) Now I’ll give you two reasons why these are a bad idea. The first is when you have children old enough that they need to stay out of the women’s restroom you want to be able to be as quick as possible without having to redress yourself, also if you have a toddler like I do sometimes they have to come in with you or a very large fit will ensue, again undressing for your toddler is not something I went to do especially in the restroom. Very cute, but not this mother appropriate at this time. 🙂

  2. bernadette

    Great links this week – thanks!
    I do have a wrap pants pattern that I want to try. They seem to look best in floaty, soft, lightweight, but not clingy fabrics, IMHO. Also, fit counts way more than you would think! Maybe make a muslin.
    Try BLACK washcloths or fabrics for make-up removal. Also good to have around for washing up a boo-boo on a little kid – the blood does not show/scare them. LOL

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