Getting Out Of The Funk!

Many thanks to everyone for all their suggestions on how to get out of ‘the funk’. I engaged in almost all of them – I spent some time surfing my favorite sites (where I noticed that I wasn’t the only one feeling unmotivated, it must be something in the air!), took a nap and an extra long shower, looked through my new Ottobre and Burda that arrived over the weekend, and even made a few purchases from The Fabric Fairy (who’s having a free shipping offer through today) and 2 Nicole Mallalieu bag patterns (I was tempted by her new Fedora that’s about to be released, but I’m not sure of my millinery skills). But I think I know the best way to get out of the funk…. do a giveaway! Stay tuned for Friday’s post and I’ll give the details.

4 thoughts on “Getting Out Of The Funk!

  1. karine

    I think the funk is a Spring thing. The weather is getting nice out and it’s hard to stay indoors to sew or knit although knitting outside with a cold one next to me is a great thing to do in the Summer.

  2. Dawn

    I love Nicole Mallalieu patterns and her blog, which pattern did you get? Please don’t have a funk I miss linky thursday when it doesn’t happen, even if it always costs me money! Dawn

  3. shorty

    I am soooo in a funk!!! I made those jackets for my boys last fall and that took so much out of me! I got my gumption to make myself a skirt and it flopped TWICE!!! I have to do alterations and it just didn’t work with the fabric I choose. I have been a little gun shy so I just have been in a funk. I am on a diet so I am not making clothes for me right now. I could get in there and make stuff for the boys but I just need to get in there. Once I do I think I will be going again. SOOOO all that to say, I feel your pain!hehe Glad you are getting out of yours, maybe that will give me hope to get out of mine!hehe

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