Urban Sewing

Whether it’s the economy, Project Runway, or just the fact that creating unique fashions is in style, sewing is becoming more ‘mainstream’. The latest evidence? Urban Outfitters has a “Make It Sew” section of their online store! Not only can you pick up a sewing machine and books, but vintage style buttons and notions as well. Any guesses at to what store will add a sewing section next?

3 thoughts on “Urban Sewing

  1. bernadette

    I hear that Anthropologie is hosting craft demos/classes in some of its stores.
    Anyone who has been shopping lately may have noticed that the quality of the fabrics and attention to detail in ready-mades at all price points is suddenly really dismal. (Cost-cutting in production at all levels, but the prices are actually going up!) That’s why I will be sewing more.

  2. bernadette

    OK- So I just ordered the ‘sewing helper’ and a yellow carpenter’s ruler from the Urban website. The shopping cart feature seems to have a little glitch. It would add additional items only from the shopping cart page. Maybe because I was not yet registered? Once I figured that out, it was an easy transaction.
    (There are the actual stores in our area but this is easier and cheaper than going there!)

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