I started tracing my Ottobre jacket pattern off and have already made a mistake…. I forgot seam allowances. Fortunately, I haven’t cut the fabric, but did cut the pattern from the tracing paper – so I’ll have to add seam allowances after the fact. There must be something in the air, Juliette had a similar experience. I think I may put it aside for a few days so I don’t make any further mistakes.
Don’t forget to join us in the Ottobre sew along – I’d love to see what everyone is making!

2 thoughts on “OOPS

  1. Kelly

    Hi Stacy,
    One woman’s “oops” is another woman’s “aha!” — I actually prefer tracing exactly and adding s/a by eye. Maybe I should try adding s/a to the tracing paper…

  2. melissa

    oh that’s not an Oops, that’s what I do all the time – I much prefer to just eyeball the seam allowances on when I cut out the fabric. That way, if I need to do any alterations to the pattern itself, I don’t have to cut off any seam allowances, do the alteration, then add them back on. It’s so much easier this way!

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