Two Heads Are Better Than One

As much as I love plush, when I get started sewing my own, I always realize that I have so much respect for those who make and sell their own creations…. these things are so much work! Right now I feel like I’ve been spending lots of hours on these guys and have very little progress to show for it. Here’s what I have so far:

I made a bit of a modification to the instructions – the ears are supposed to be sewn onto the head after stuffing (hand tacked), however I thought that since one of these guys is going to Easton (who loves to chew on stuffed animals), machine sewing them during head construction might be a bit more stable (I will probably do the same with the arms when I get to those). I also omitted the eyes (felt circles) on both of these guys – I figured you’d never be able to see them with all those circles already on the fabric!

3 thoughts on “Two Heads Are Better Than One

  1. Zaneta

    You are doing an amazing job, keep going I can’t wait to see!! It will be worth it. Thanks so much to the link to the kimono shoe pattern. I am working on a couple of pairs. They are soo cute. Will send you a picture when all done.

  2. suzanne

    Almost there!! Yes, the sheep take a
    little bit of time to make. I sewed all of their parts with the machine as well. The eyes are cute, but I’d worry about little hands taking them off 🙂 The whole project is a “labor of love”!

  3. sassypriscilla

    Oh boy. I’m a little behind you so now I am worried! I have sewn all the pieces but haven’t started stuffing and putting together.
    Your heads look adorable! Thanks for the zipper advice.

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