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Quick, Simple Project

Believe it or not, Easton turns one on Thursday! Where did the time go? I’ve been making plans for his party and settled on the standard “boy’s first birthday” theme – lots of basketballs, footballs, blue tones, etc. (only because Back at the Barnyard isn’t available, it’s his favorite show). Since I like consistency, I thought he needed a shirt to wear for his special day that matched the rest of the party wear – instead of buying one (they didn’t have one that matched anyway), I made it:

If you’re ever looking for plain toddler shirts, Hobby Lobby is your place (and with a 40% off coupon they are really inexpensive)!

Another Year At The Republic

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been writing tutorials for the Sewing Republic for the past year (if you haven’t had a chance to check them out, be sure to stop by and look at the “project ideas” section of the site) and have decided to sign on for another year. I’ve spent some time ‘brainstorming’ project ideas and am giddy about getting started. In fact, I stayed up late and made the first one already. While I can’t show you the finished product, I will give you a sneak peek:

Let me just say, I LOVE the way this project turned out. Taylor came down as I was finishing it up and requested that I make her one as well – how could I refuse? (she got one the very next day). What makes this project even better? The fabric! I found this print in the ‘calico’ section of Joann’s – not only does it have a modern feel to it, the material has a beautiful sheen and a nice hand. I loved working with it. In fact, I plan on heading over to Joann’s today to purchase a new quilting ruler (which met it’s demise when Easton toppled over my dressform, breaking off a large chunk) and rotary mat and may have to pick up another yard or two!

Baby Stuff

I think now that everyone has received their goodies, I can safely post some baby items that I made a few weeks ago:

Nothing complex, just a few burp cloths with matching embellished onesies. The ‘diaper’ burp cloths wound up being some of my favorites – they are definitely the most absorbent! I plan on making a few more of these before too long.. Taylor tells me that one of her teachers is pregnant and a few baby gifts might be the perfect end of school year gift!
Speaking of Baby Stuff did you see that a free Bedtime Duvet pattern from Aranzi Aronzo’s book was recently posted over at The Storque?

Late Linky Thursday

This little purse needs a name – if your name is selected you could win it!
OOOh, plush spa slippers made from towels. [link via Craft]
How to quickly unpick seams.

How to make a body form
I never thought to use a dishtowel for a pair of kid’s pants – cleaver! [link via Whip Up]
It’s prom season and BurdaStyle’s getting you ready with a fantastic tuxedo jacket.
Soft baby shoes that look quick to whip up.
This sounds like so much fun – Mother-Daughter apron swap.
Have a great recycled craft idea? Yours could win you a $100 gift certificate to Create-for-Less. These recycled fabric bangles might be a good place to start!
Two fashion links that are NSFW (not safe for work): The trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno has been released. Something I don’t think I could bring myself to wear: Blow Up Doll Hoodies.
Grosgrain always amazes me at the beautiful creations she makes. Here latest, the pleated petal tank is definitely one of my favorites.
A good tip on sewing with stretch fabrics.
Something I wouldn’t mind learning, fashion origami.
Lastly, I wanted to say thank you so much for all the laundry comments… it’s nice to hear that everyone dislikes it am much as I do!


Want to know my secret to sewing productivity? I skip (some) housework. I managed to let all of my laundry pile up and spent a great deal of time washing it – not folding mind you, just washing. So last night, I armed myself with a grande cafe mocha and folded and folded and folded. Consequently, I didn’t get together a Linky Thursday post, but promise to put one together for tomorrow.
I did reward myself for folding it all (well, almost all of it) – I purchased Switch Craft! I plan on spending some quality time with it while I get my hair done today.


I started tracing my Ottobre jacket pattern off and have already made a mistake…. I forgot seam allowances. Fortunately, I haven’t cut the fabric, but did cut the pattern from the tracing paper – so I’ll have to add seam allowances after the fact. There must be something in the air, Juliette had a similar experience. I think I may put it aside for a few days so I don’t make any further mistakes.
Don’t forget to join us in the Ottobre sew along – I’d love to see what everyone is making!

In The Shop

Something has to fund the recent fabric purchases I’ve been making (haha). So, over the weekend I started working on a few more items for my Etsy shop. In light of the current economic situation, I didn’t make much, just a few things for Mother’s Day. I’m still not sure if people are willing to spend hard-earned money on handmade goods (although at our last trip to Best Buy, you couldn’t tell that we’re in a recession) So, for those who keep a pretty consistent stock in their shops, I was just curious how the economy was effecting your sales, if at all?

Fabric Temptations

Like so many of you, I was tempted by Fabric Mart‘s recent sale, broke down, and purchased several yards.

The first thing I snagged was a chocolate leather skin – I am determined to skillfully work with leather this year and think my first project may be the cute handbag from Weekend Sewing.
Who could resist pigs in pajamas? I loved this cotton print (although Taylor didn’t think it was as cute) and think that I’ll eventually sew up some comfy lounge pants with them. Plus at $1.59/yard, could you really say no?
Next up is an Anna Sui jersey print. I really waffled on this one and took it out of my cart a couple of times. I probably should have just left it out because in person this print sort of has a yellow cast to it and I’m not sure that I like it. At least I only purchased a yard.
I’m a sucker for those pre-made cotton plaid fabrics. I’m really not sure what I’m going to do with it – undoubtedly something for Easton!
As soon as I saw this ITY jersey print, I knew I had to have it – it looks an awful lot like Jalie’s 3/4 sleeved faux wrap top from the pattern cover. Plus I’m a sucker for black and white.
Lastly, I picked up a midnight blue and kelly green circles ITY jersey print. I love it! I have no idea what it will become, but I’ll keep you posted.
So now I’ve shown my goodies, I want to know, “what did you pick up?”

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everyone! Today, I’ll be taking a (brief) break from sewing to spend time with family, eat treats, and do lots of cooking…. Enjoy your day!

Up Next: Ottobre Sew Along Jacket

I spent some time with my Ottobre magazine collection and finally settled on my project for the sew along… the zippered jacket from the 5/2008 women’s issue. I even have the perfect fabric – a reversible double knit from Gorgeous Fabrics! But first, the tracing. I suspect that I won’t get to this until Monday since this weekend will be so busy with activities, but I can honestly say I’m excited to get started! What is everyone else thinking of working on?