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Linky Thursday

Turn a boxy shirt into a cute summer blouse! [link via Craft Gossip]
Feel like you can never have enough aprons? Then be sure to join the latest Apron ‘Club’ Swap!
Looking for Hot Patterns LaRue, Nairobi, and other (previously) free patterns? Now you can get for a limited time – they’ve printed 100 of each and are now up for sale!
I remember making these many years ago so I guess it’s true, fashion really does come back around…. sew yourself up a pair of wrap pants.
Have you seen the Picnic Frock giveaway on Grosgrain? Fabulous!!
I see a lot of requests for these on Craftster, now you can make your own Jordy bag with this free pattern!
It’s been raining almost every day this week so I’m needing to feel a bit of spring… maybe I should stitch up a few of these birds.
Bee Square is giving away some of Echino’s Bird to Hang in green (the same fabric that I used for the Echino Boston Bag)!
Jalie has a new (well two) video up for their pocket diapers!
Reusable make-up remover pads. I’d hate to think what they look like after a few washes… you should see my washcloths!
A pretty and feminine spring top!
Who wouldn’t want to stitch up these cute corset sashets for their unmentionables drawer? [link via Craft]

Getting Out Of The Funk!

Many thanks to everyone for all their suggestions on how to get out of ‘the funk’. I engaged in almost all of them – I spent some time surfing my favorite sites (where I noticed that I wasn’t the only one feeling unmotivated, it must be something in the air!), took a nap and an extra long shower, looked through my new Ottobre and Burda that arrived over the weekend, and even made a few purchases from The Fabric Fairy (who’s having a free shipping offer through today) and 2 Nicole Mallalieu bag patterns (I was tempted by her new Fedora that’s about to be released, but I’m not sure of my millinery skills). But I think I know the best way to get out of the funk…. do a giveaway! Stay tuned for Friday’s post and I’ll give the details.


Alright, for the first time in a long time, I’m having a motivational problem. Most of last week, I stayed out of the sewing room because I was preparing for company and the party and now that everyone is gone, I’m feeling too tired to sew…. and yes, even surf! I’m not quite sure how to get out of this ‘funk’ except for the fact that I do have some ‘deadlines’ ahead of me. Does anyone have any good funk-busting tips they care to share?

Urban Sewing

Whether it’s the economy, Project Runway, or just the fact that creating unique fashions is in style, sewing is becoming more ‘mainstream’. The latest evidence? Urban Outfitters has a “Make It Sew” section of their online store! Not only can you pick up a sewing machine and books, but vintage style buttons and notions as well. Any guesses at to what store will add a sewing section next?

The Party

Whew! What a weekend! Easton had a good time at his party (he went 10 hours without napping before he finally crashed for the night) and we got to see lots of friends and family. So, probably your biggest question, “how did he do with the cake?” Take a look for yourself:

Clean as a whistle! He even wanted a spoon… he never tries to eat with a spoon! I will say, Taylor did the same thing at her first birthday party (he just touched her cake before asking for something else) so it must be something genetic.

More Republic Sewing

This is a second (upcoming) project that I’ve created for the Sewing Republic website. While I had a general idea of what I wanted to make, this one evolved a bit and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I used a home decor fabric from Joann’s that is in the same line as what I used for Amy Butler’s Nappy Bag – I think it’s bright and cheery, although, it ravels like mad!
Today is Easton’s big party so I’m spending the rest of the day running errands and getting everything together…. stay tuned for “cake” photos later this week!


I’ve spent a great deal of time away from my sewing machine this week. Aside from party planning, getting the house ready for guests, and the ‘usual hubbub’ that happens around here, I decided to undertake a completely different project…. Landscaping our front yard.
After 4 trips to pick out plants, trees, and flowers, etc. I managed to get everything planted and have to say it’s looking good! I’m happy to have it finished (because it always seems to rain on the weekends when we try to do any yardwork), but am now scrambling to get everything else done! Now if I can just sneak away into the sewing room for just an hour…. I’m in need of some sewing therapy!

Linky Thursday

OOOh, I wish this tutorial for a cycling hat would have come out a month ago – I would have definitely made one for Pattern Review‘s Sewn Hat contest!
Combining tutorials to make something completely new. [link via Whip Up]
I love this stuffed donkey.
Make your own ballet slippers (the bedroom kind). [link via Craft Gossip]
How to sew a lined, zippered pouch.
LollyChops’ Totally Tubular Giveaway (you’ll need to read the post for details).
How to make a skirt from a pile of scraps!
Creative ways to re-use your pattern tissue paper. I love the decoupage letters. [link via Craft]
Peek-a-boo patches for your ripped jeans.
Since today is Earth Day, here’s a few Green Contests for you to enter!
Tax day has come and gone, but it’s never too late to show you what to do with your tax forms.
Going somewhere this summer? Make yourself a passporttravel purse.
Protect your camera with this cute, little, quilted case.

One Year

Since Easton’s birthday is tomorrow, I, spent a great deal of time sorting through pictures and looking at how much he’s changed over the course of a year. In fact, I put together a whole montage and thought I would share:

I should have been sewing (I have so much to do), but this was definitely more fun.

Patterns and Cutting

After picking up my new (and very cool Omingrid 8 1/2 x 24″, nonslip) ruler and mat from Joann’s. I thought I would head to Hancock Fabrics and was tempted by the latest Kwik Sew pattern – 3694. After surfing the Victoria Secret catalog, I noticed a lot of styles very similar to this pattern and couldn’t resist… plus I need some new summer tops.
I also managed to cut out the material for my Ottobre jacket (I’ve put up the info on the sidebar if you’re interested)! I closed myself in a quiet room so I wouldn’t make any mistakes – between matching stripes and remember what needed seam allowances, I wanted to be sure I didn’t forget anything. Now on to changing the serger thread so I can get started sewing. By the way, if you’re interested in joining an Ottobre sew along, you can find the group here.