Controlling The Mess

As much as I would love to start on my Jalie Stretch Jeans pattern, I really need to set to work on Melly & Me‘s Black Sheep, White Sheep – Easter is just a few weeks away and I had planned on putting them into the kid’s baskets!
I decided to start with what I think will be the hardest part (and definitely the messiest) – the ‘woolen’ jackets. For this part of the sheep, I purchased a Super Plush Minky which is extremely soft, but sheds like mad. To control some of the mess, I had a procedure in place: cut the fabric, shake off any fluff immediately into trash, and serge (zigzaging would work too) all the raw edges. I think this will help control the sheding while sewing plus will finish off the edges on the inside since the jackets are removable.

One more thing about these jackets – I cut the fur with the nap going up. Yup, I went against the grain! I think this helps give them a more of a ‘woolen’ look