(Almost) Birthday Boy Shirt

I was very torn with what my next project should be – I have a long list of things I would like to sew up, but with Easton’s birthday coming up soon (April 23), I thought that I should make something for my future 1 year old. I decided on Kai’s shirt from Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing and a Baby Nay Nay sailboat print from “>The Fabric Fairy.
I traced off the 12 month size from the pattern in the book, cut the material, and set to work. This is about as far as I got:

I hit a snag when I started attaching the collar to the shirt…. it’s too big (by almost 4 inches). I checked the Weekender website to see if there was an update to this pattern, etc., but I never saw anything. I sent in an email with my problem, but have decided to set it aside for the day before I resize the collar.

5 thoughts on “(Almost) Birthday Boy Shirt

  1. Aimey

    Very cute print – can’t wait to see the completed project. I can’t believe the collar was off by 4 inches! I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one to make “birthday outfits”. For me it all started when I found a fabric with the sesame street characters having a party and that happened to be the theme of my daughters 2nd birhtday party – I knew I had to find a use for it so I made her a jumper. I’ve been making theme related birthday outfits ever since! My baby will be turning one not too long from now too but I haven’t got a theme picked out yet.
    Good luck witht the collar!

  2. Gwensews

    I’m sorry you found an error in the pattern. I measure every line of a pattern now, because I’ve found so many discrepencies. It’s very aggravating.

  3. Katrina

    I can’t believe that your son is almost a year old!!!
    I will have to start early this year because this July I will have both my girls having a birthday. And there is sooo much that I want to do.

  4. Mary Sarah

    I can’t believe Easton is almost 1! Wow! The fabric for the shirt is adorable. Patterns that don’t work are so frustrating! Good Luck!

  5. Zaneta

    Hi Stac,
    The fabric is so cute. Yes I too cannot believe he is one soon. I too have some shirt patterns to try out will have to get the pattern numbers and share them. Hope you get a response in time to finish for his party.
    Take Care

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