My Wild Woman Top

It’s been awhile since I made something that’s really fun to wear. But when I slipped on my finished ‘Wild Woman’ shirt, I felt like I need to put on my best socialite pose and find someplace to wear it to!
I sewed the rest of this top up according to the directions in Burda. However, when it came to putting in the hem, I made a slight change. To reduce some of the bulk, I shortened the jersey by 5/8″ of an inch. This allowed me to fold up the mesh over the jersey raw edge and stitch it in place.
Thanks to Ann for giving me the inspiration to make this top – I love the way it turned out!

14 thoughts on “My Wild Woman Top

  1. Lindsay T

    Hoochie mama! Cute top, plus I love the Tatoo Tees. (Must show DD.) Your post-baby bod is lookin’ good!

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