The Boston Bag, Finished

I can tell spring is right around the corner – the weather is gorgeous, the trees are blooming, and I’ve had a burst of productive energy! I manged to get some painting done (after procrastinating for months) and my Echino Boston Bags are finished! On a side note, I’m very happy I’m current on my tetanus shots because I was poked and snagged by more pins in the final process of putting this bag together than any other project I’ve worked on lately. So now, it’s time for a mini-review of the pattern!
Overall, I love the pattern. Even though it’s in Japanese, the illustrations are enough to walk you through the construction process and is easy to put together. It could be made fairly quickly as well if you use packaged piping and fusible Peltex for the interfacing. The only drawback that I see to this bag is that the raw edges (which are either ‘finished’ with a zigzag stitch or serged) are visible on the inside:

Coordinating thread hides most of the raw edge, but I think if I would do it again, I might look into binding the seams.
So how does the Boston Bag compare to the Sophia Carry-All?

As you can see the Boston Bag is larger (18″ across the widest part of the bag, 15″ tall, 5″ deep while the Sophia measures in at 14″ wide across the center, 9 1/2″ tall, 4 1/2″ deep) and is more comparable to Amy Butler’s Weekender pattern in size. I love that Amy’s bags are finished on the inside, but they are more time consuming to make and are generally more difficult to sew in comparison. The Boston Bag, however, could easily be sewn up in a day, although I would recommend either encasing the raw edge with binding or trimming the edges and zig-zaging them with a coordinating thread (or serging).
Be prepared to see this pattern being used over again – especially around the holidays. I think this would make a great gift!

12 thoughts on “The Boston Bag, Finished

  1. sassypriscilla

    Stacy – this is darling! That raw edge in the inside is an odd thing but I can’t tell in your photos. Did you serge the seams? I think that wouldn’t be too bad.
    Great job!

  2. Liz

    How much yardage does this use? I just got this pattern and want to make sure I get enough fabric. thanks! btw yours looks awesome!

  3. 9crafty11

    I’ve been watching you do this bag as I’m in the process of making it as well! I can’t believe it that you got it for the same reason as me – for an easier version of the Weekender Bag. Mine’s taking abit longer as I’m making a garment bag &toiletry bag as well. Hmmm..have to see about the finishing of this & see if I have the same problems. Thanks for the review!

  4. melissa

    Thanks for the review and the comparison photos on this! I don’t think the inside raw edges are that big of a deal, really. My favourite RTW weekend bag has bound seams inside and it doesn’t bother me at all. I’d be much more inclined to make this one if if saves me even a tenth of the stresses I’ve heard others endure on AB’s Weekender Bag!

  5. Carrie

    Those bags are fabulous!! Great job.=) I’m always amazed at how many bag patterns are unfinished on the inside. I’m like you, I like things finished. But regardless they are beauties! That fabric was such a great choice.

  6. melissa

    these are so beautiful! i am about to order fabric/pattern right now, but wanted to ask you about the webbing for the handle — are they completely covered with an exterior fabric?
    also, only 1.5 yds for exterior? thank you so much for that note!!
    again — amazing job!

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