Boston Bag, The Next Steps

While the picture doesn’t look I’ve accomplished much, I feel like I’ve made a dent into the Echino Boston Bag.

I’ve managed to make all 4 handles which was a different experience for me. The directions call for using webbing inside the strap. While the handle is flexible and feels sturdy, I think I still prefer interfacing the handle with a fusible, folding and stitching – it’s just easier.
Once I finished with the handles, I attached them to the bag – so far, so good. Now I need to attach the lining to all of the bag pieces. This should have been done when I basted the exterior material to the Peltex, but 1) I didn’t want to have to try to sandwich everything together at once, it just seemed like a disaster waiting to happen (this is why I think the fusible double sided Peltex would work best) and 2) I didn’t want the stitching from attaching the stitching from attaching the handle showing on the interior lining. If I can get that completed as well as adding the piping, I think I’ll be happy with my progress!

2 thoughts on “Boston Bag, The Next Steps

  1. sassypriscilla

    They are looking good so far. I like your thoughts on this – I wouldn’t want to see the stitching of my handle on the lining either. Is there a fusible heavy Peltex?

  2. stacy

    Yes! I’ve never tried it, but saw that it comes in a single sided and double sided. It’s a bit more expensive, but I think would be worth in in this case.

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