I Want My Hour Back

I had planned on posting a review of Weekend Sewing but between a late night, daylight savings, and an early morning (The cheer squad for Taylor’s school were posted this early this morning – it was worth it, she made it!), I just don’t have the energy to do it! Instead, let me quickly update you on bag progress….. everything’s basted. This has to be one of the ickiest parts of bag making (IMHO). Next time, I’m definitely purchasing the double sided fusible Peltex – it will really save on time! Hopefully by tomorrow, I’ll have made more progress and have some photos to prove it.

3 thoughts on “I Want My Hour Back

  1. lindsay t

    Hey there Cheer Mom! Congrats! My daughter was just named captain of the varsity squad; it seems like yesterday that she was trying out for the first time.

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