Echino Bag – Step 1

Between Easton’s one short nap and a late night, I’ve managed to trace off the pieces of the Echino Boston Bag and cut everything out – twice. I ordered enough fabric to make not one, but two bags and have a nice size pieces left over for something small (box bag, maybe?).

One thing that I love about this pattern is that it has the seam allowances included! I’m not sure if this is ‘standard’ for Japanese paper patterns or not, so if anyone has any experience with them, please let me know. I also opted to use Peltex for the interfacing – if I would have though ahead, I would have sprung for the double sided fusible, but now I’ll have to baste everything together…. drat! As for the bag lining, I sifted through the stash and found a wonderful embroidered batik that matches the colors perfectly (it looks like it was made to go with this print). Since I spent so much money on the exterior fabric, I’m glad I was able to ‘keep costs down’ by using something I already had for the interior, plus I feel good that I’ve been making a dent in my stash fabric lately. Hopefully, I’ll have some time today to baste the interfacing to the fabric and add piping to the bag!

One thought on “Echino Bag – Step 1

  1. Sarah

    My experience with Japanese patterns (which is kind of limited) is that sometimes there’s seam allowances, sometimes there’s not. I have yet to figure out if there’s a rule to it…
    The fabric you chose is fabulous! I love, love, love Echino fabrics.

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