Little Man

I’m still working on my project from yesterday (well, this entire week) so there’s really nothing exciting to show at the moment. If I get finished today, I’ve got a couple of side projects (as well as some housework) that I’d love to get to. One of them is Jackie Clark’s baby overall’s pattern. I’ve wanted to get to this for ages (I even have the fabrics ready to go) and with the cold weather returning, Easton could use the outfit. Speaking of Jackie, she has a new line of fabric out, Little Man and Me (adorable! I love the owl print) and a Cute Kid contest running on her site. Now off to get that machine whirring! What are your plans for the weekend?

4 thoughts on “Little Man

  1. Peggy

    I have that overall pattern too. I’ll be anxious to see how you like it. I plan to make it for my grandson (eventually). Off to my sewing room…yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mary

    I love the Little Man and Me fabrics…I can’t wait til I have a little man of my own to sew for (or a little girl would be equally as nice) I plan to cut out some new projects to sew when I get home from work…I have Sunday off and it’s supposed to rain, so what’s a girl to do but sew?

  3. sassypriscilla

    After two weeks of taking care of a sick Aidan, I now have a head cold. I did make a bag called a Purselete from Fig Tree Quilts. It was not a good pattern but the bag is actually cute. I am hoping to maybe make a Birdie Sling this weekend. Cute overalls.

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