Sometimes you just have to play…..
Bret’s been traveling most of the week and Taylor has had off of school since Tuesday so there hasn’t been much sewing going on. There has been lots of playing, however. In fact, last night we saw Coraline (I loved all the details in the movie and the 3D was amazing).
I have also been playing with fabric – lots of it. While I can’t show you what I’m working on, I can give you a sneak peek:

I also managed to head out to Hancock Fabrics and pick up a few supplies for the Echino bag as well as a few extras. One item that snuck into my bag? Leisure Art’s Tattoo Tees. I loved the fun vintage looking transfers included in the booklet and for 50% off, I couldn’t pass it up. Now to find some shirts to embellish!

7 thoughts on “Play

  1. Katrina

    I’ve been wanting to see Caroline with my daughter but I was wondering if it’s too scary for a 5 year old. She says that she wouldn’t be scared though.
    Hmmm, that silver hoop has me wondering. Maybe a tote/ purse with the hoop on the handle?

  2. nikki

    Blakely, that’s called a belt buckle.
    Stacy- thanks for the info on the tee transfers! Do I see an Ed Hardy knockoff in your future?

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