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I know, I know, I need another bag book like I need a hole in the head, but as soon as I learned that there was going to be a Sew What! Bags, I immediately pre-ordered it from Amazon. After all, I thought Sew What! Skirts was great, so this one should be too. I anxiously awaited for my book to arrive and I have to say, I’ve not been disappointed! What’s so special about this bag book?
For starters, it has variety. Most of the bag books that I currently own typically focus on handbags with a tote thrown in here and there. Sew What! Bags has a little bit of everything for all sewing skill levels including eyeglass cases, tissue pouches, backpacks (drawstring bag worn on your back), messenger bags, and tool aprons. Yes, there’s tote bags included as well. In addition to these projects there’s also inspiration photos of how you can take the knowledge you’ve learned and turn them into something different (for example changing up an eyeglass pouch and making it a phone cozy).
Secondly, the photos of the finished projects make me want to sew up everything up. I know it sounds silly, but the fabrics Lexie Barnes’ uses for her bags are gorgeous. I even went on an online search for the Japanese Map print she used for the DJ Bag so that I could re-create the same adorable messenger.
The bottom line: I realize that most of the patterns in this book are not ‘Earth shatteringly’ different from what’s currently available in a variety of other books, commercial patterns, or even online tutorials. However, it does take some great patterns (not to mention display beautiful finished bags) and lump them into one place for easy access and instant inspiration. For $11.50 you can’t beat that in my book!

8 thoughts on “Sew What! Bags

  1. anary

    Great review stacy. In a world where one pattern can cost you 12 bucks plus, and the cost of materials…this book with its variety sounds like a great buy!

  2. bonnie

    thanks for another great review. I took a quick look at the book, and liked it. Its on my to-buy list. Can I ask you where you found that Japanese map print? the fabrics used in that book were fantastic.
    thanks, bonnie

  3. Katrina

    Please don’t tempt me! 😉 I don’t hardly need another book. But it sounds very interesting. I look forward to seeing what you make from it. I’ve been meaning to ask you a question…. I know since you make several things using patterns from books you would know. How do you make copies of the patterns when you have to enlarge them to like 200%? I’ve never made anything from my patterns from ALL the books I have (I really must put them to use). I tried copying a pattern once but it didn’t work out. I thought maybe it would print out on more than one page and I would have to piece the pattern together but it didn’t do that.

  4. stacy

    I copy it off to enlarge it, but I’ll admit, I’m horrible with the copier. I usually have to print it on several pages and tape it together before I get a usable pattern (that’s why I like full size patterns in books!). Bret had an idea that I haven’t tried – scanning them into the computer then enlarging them and printing it off. It sounds like a good idea, although I’m not sure if printing it would throw off the scale or not.

  5. Martha

    Great review. I hope you will post it on Amazon. It will help “browsers” who aren’t sure. I read them all the time.

  6. lexie barnes

    The London Map fabric in my book, Sew What Bags ( came from, but is out of stock. you can ask them if they plan or order or print more of it.
    i wish i had more of it to share with everyone who is looking for it!
    happy sewing,
    lexie barnes

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