Pants Sewing Day 1

I spent some time with my sewing machine and have made a dent in my pants construction. It’s difficult to see in the photo on the left, but the pockets are in and the legs are sewn. I test fitted the pants and think that they feel a bit snug in the upper thighs. You see, I have legs like Conan the Destroyer (working out makes them even larger) so fitting pants is always a challenge.
Now it’s onto the fly and waistband. I’m anxious to see how this area fits – I have a feeling I’ll be retracing new sizes of this pattern very soon.

1 thought on “Pants Sewing Day 1

  1. bernadette

    Looks good so far! You are brave to sew fitted slacks. I kinda gave up on making them years ago. I just do loose or knit types. Still, It would be worth it to perfect a pair that really fit and flatter – and then make several more (before the style and my size changes! LOL)

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