Tracing. Lots and lots of tracing. It’s been so long since I’ve used a pattern that you can just whack into I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like!
There are several projects that I’ve been meaning to sew or that have caught my eye. Consequently, I’m making it ‘priority’ to work on them this week. Currently, I am tracing off Jalie 2561 (the Express Editor style pant) and the boatneck top (108A) from February’s Burda World of Fashion magazine (I’ll be putting both of these on the sidebar today). I’m thinking if the boatneck goes well, I’ll be altering it to make a “Walk on the Wild Side” mesh top similar to Ann’s.
What are you working on this week?

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  1. melissa

    It appears as though the only thing I’m making this week is myself better. 🙁 I’ve got about three projects I’m absolutely ITCHING to work on, but I’ve picked up some unknown virus on top of everything else that’s left me too exhausted to hold my head up. Hopefully two pints of red tomorrow should help that and I’ll be back in the swing of things for the weekend!

  2. Aimey

    I’ve got to finish my oldest daughter’s valentine outfit for her school party on Friday. Every morning she looks at the calendar and reminds me how many days I have left to complete it! I hope to have it finished tomorrow. Not sure yet what’s after that.

  3. haley

    I was wondering what the purpose of tracing patterns is? Can’t you just use the pattern pieces as they are? I’d like more information on the purpose and the material you use for tracing and how it’s done. Thanks! I enjoy reading your blog each day!!!

  4. Stacy

    Haley – Burda World of Fashion patterns are meant to be traced (cutting them would destroy pattern pieces for other garments, etc.) and Jalie patterns are very multisized (they can fit a toddler to a plus size adult) so I like to keep everything intact so I can use them not just for myself, but for my daughter or mother as well (I do this with Hot Patterns, Onion). It also helps preserve the pattern so that if I need to re-trace another size I don’t have to spend ($15+) for another pattern. I also find that it helps with making alterations to your pattern as well.
    I use Pattern Ease (found in the interfacing section of most fabric stores). However, there are lots of other options available – Swedish Tracing paper, butcher paper, tissue paper, unprinted newsrolls.

  5. MelissaB

    In my effort to use scraps, I cut out my littlest guy some new undies. He loves the pair I made him so I cut out quite a few more pairs. I also have another boat neck top partially sewn that I’ll finish today. Not sure what else I’ll get to, I’ve been rather unambitious in the sewing dept lately. Must be the dreary weather. Can’t wait to see how those Jalie pants go.

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