Start Of The Swap Bag

I’ve started work on my partner’s Bag of Talent….

and I have to say, I’m not thrilled with the directions (they seem a bit confusing, but maybe it will sort itself out as I start sewing more of the bag). I would have opted for a different pattern, but I already have everything cut out so I’m feeling stuck.
I have already made a slight change to the pattern – adding a utensil pocket to the lining of the bag. It’s difficult to see in the photo below since the print is so busy (she likes skull fabric so I thought this would be a fun lining), but I made an interior pocket that can hold a fork, knife, and spoon with a larger area that will allow her to put in ‘extras’ like salt, pepper, hand sanitizer, etc. I always think these things just get lost inside lunch bags and keeps them out of the way when you’re packing you lunch or snack.

4 thoughts on “Start Of The Swap Bag

  1. Nikki

    You just gave me a great idea!!! Your picture looked like a placemat with a utensil pocket, which led me to the idea of putting a utensil pocket on a cloth napkin! I feel guilty about using plastic utensils at work, but I’m too much of a germaphobe to just throw silverware into a bag, and putting them into a ziplock bag defeats the purpose cuz you’re still throwing something away. But if you put the silverware inside a cloth napkin, you’re saving a plastic utensil AND a paper napkin! And I can have an excuse to buy more funky cotton print fabric!

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