Weekend Updates

This little birdie arrived in my mailbox over the weekend. It was a prize that I had won at From The Magpie’s Nest and he’s absolutely adorable! I love how this little bird is pieced together – I may have to think about making something similar next Christmas… can’t you see one of these in all white and hanging on a tree?
I also started working on another Jalie 2805 – yes I know, another t-shirt. This one is for my mom who requested I sew one up for her. She’s normally wears a lot of solid colored shirts so I’m taking a chance with this one and using a print, I’m crossing my fingers and hopes she likes it.
Lastly, it will come as no surprise to you that I have joined another swap. The Bag of Talent Swap has you create a themed tote, purse, or bag according to your partner’s interests or hobbies. We were paired up with partners last week and I immediately got an idea of what I wanted to make….. (no peeking Amy)

My partner is a stay-at-home mom (so she’s always on the go) who loves snacks and tomatoes (among other things). One of the bags she Wisted is an insulated zippered lunch bag – considering her interests, I thought this was a great tote for her. After scouring local shops for tomato fabric, I came up empty handed so I’ve opted for the Warhol tomato soup twill that I purchased in October and heavy indigo denim. I also picked up some Insulbright to keep items cool. I’ve never used this material before and was SHOCKED to see that Hobby Lobby was charging $24.99 a yard while Joann’s was only $5.99. Anyone else notice the pricing difference at their local stores or do you think that Hobby Lobby was just mismarked?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Updates

  1. Kris C.

    I have to think that Hobby Lobby’s was mismarked. I think the most I’ve ever seen Insulbright for was $8/yd, so $25 seems utterly ridiculous.

  2. Sarah

    Ooh…I think your Hobby Lobby added an extra digit in the price for Insul-Bright. I bought some at a local HL last month for $2.49/yd. That was the regular price, compared with $5.99/yd at Jo-Ann.

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