Like Daughter, Like Mother

I’m very lucky that Taylor is such a small size because it left me enough fabric that I could make a Harajuku Lovers shirt for myself. I made the same design changes to this version as hers – shortening the sleeves and adding a rib trim cuff and used the same material around the neckline. I really had to squeeze the pattern onto the material to get everything to fit. Consequently, the design placement doesn’t look as good as hers, but overall, I still love the finished look.
Up next, a shirt for my mother. She’s been seeing all these Jalie t-shirts coming out of my sewing room and has requested one for herself. Time to dig through the stash and see what I can whip up!

7 thoughts on “Like Daughter, Like Mother

  1. Sarah C

    Your shirts look so RTW! What a lucky daughter =)
    Where do you get your Jalie patterns? I have a new serger and Im looking for some basic patterns to start with. Im just not sure where to buy them at, and I always like to support stores others recommend.

  2. KateS

    I think it looks really good Stacy- I love the print! Easton is a real cutie too, you can tell he’s your boy with that blond hair !!!!!

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