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Boatneck Love

Not only did I work up the nerve to cut into my art print fabric, but I managed to finish my Burda World of Fashion Boatneck top!

Normally, I avoid boatneck tops, I just don’t like the way they look on me and I feel like I’m constantly tugging at the neckline to adjust the fit. But Burda’s version is definitely a keeper – it fits great (not to wide of neckline so that it accentuates my broad shoulders), (seems to) stays in place, and I’m in love with the deep hems. It also went together without a hitch (although I did forget to sew the sleeve hem before setting in the sleeve which made for some tricky stitching)…. this pattern is definitely a keeper! Consequently, I plan on altering the pattern for my version of the Walk On The Wild Side Mesh top.

Boston Bag

With all the bag patterns and books that I own you wouldn’t think I needed another design to add to my ‘collection’. However, the other night, while surfing, I discovered that Japanese fabric designer Etsuko Furuya has created 3 patterns for her Echino line. The one that really caught my attention was her Boston Bag – it gives me the same feel as Amy Butler’s Weekender, but maybe less frustration (my Weekender finally became a wadder after becoming frustrated sewing through all those layers)? I wound up ordering the pattern from Fabrictosew’s Etsy shop, but Superbuzzy sells this one as well. I’d love to hear if anyone has any experience with this pattern line and would love to see a finished project if you have one!

Jalie Pants – Version 1

While it doesn’t look too horrible in the photo, these pants look more like leggings in real life – they’re just too tight in the legs even though I used a stretch material. I’ve also noticed some pulling along the crotch line because the fabric is stretching to much in the upper thigh (possibly hip as well). Even thought I traced off the size that should work with my measurements, things just don’t look quite right so I’m going to go up one size up to see what difference this makes in the fit (although I keeping the lower portion of the legs – below the knee, the same width since this area fits fine).
Before I start version 2, I’m going to start work on the Burda top. I’ve been working up the nerve to cut into my black and white art print from Gorgeous Fabrics for this (I keep reminding myself of my New Year’s resolution: stop being afraid to use my ‘favorite’ fabrics that are in my stash). Wish me luck!

Aranzi Aronzo Baby Stuff

If you’ve ever gone on a search for Japanese craft books you know that not only are some titles difficult to find, but also come with a hefty price tag…. and they’re not even printed in English! That is until Vertical Publishing took some of the most popular titles (including the popular Aranzi Aronzo line) and reprinted them in English – not only making them more accessible to the public, but making them more affordable too, most under $15! Their latest title, Baby Stuff takes this duo’s whimsical sense of style and turns them into adorable baby items. While this book is not heavy on the nuigurumi (stuffed doll) as their other titles, it does contain lots of other projects including embellished bibs, finger puppets, bottle holders, an appliqued duvet, and growth chart. Each project contains all the materials need and step by step illustrations so making a project for a little one is easy! In fact, most items in the book look like they can be made in an afternoon! You can definitely count on me to make a few projects from this book soon.

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with beautiful flowers, good food, and exquisite chocolates! As for me, I’m just hoping to spend a few hours in the sewing room working on my pants, cut the fabric for my top, and read my new sewing books: Sew What! Bags, Aronzo Aranzi’s Baby Stuff, and Fabricate. I started glancing through them last night and really felt inspired to make some ‘fun’ projects.
How are you planning on spending the day?

Pants Sewing Day 1

I spent some time with my sewing machine and have made a dent in my pants construction. It’s difficult to see in the photo on the left, but the pockets are in and the legs are sewn. I test fitted the pants and think that they feel a bit snug in the upper thighs. You see, I have legs like Conan the Destroyer (working out makes them even larger) so fitting pants is always a challenge.
Now it’s onto the fly and waistband. I’m anxious to see how this area fits – I have a feeling I’ll be retracing new sizes of this pattern very soon.

Linky Thursday

Another crafting magazine bites the dust, sort of. Craft Magazine announced their latest issue will be the last one in print – they’ll be going completely digital. By the way, I purchased the latest issue and found this one to be one of my favorites.
A simple little bag tutorial that’s quick to whip up
I love that BurdaStyle continues to make great patterns for men – their latest? A double breasted winter coat! While you’re there, be sure to answer their survey for a chance to win an Amazon gift certificate.
If you’ve been thinking of selling your handmade goods online, here’s a good article on the breakdown of the available venues, price, and allowable content.
How to fold stash fabric. I think this will only work for quilting cottons or I may just own too much bulky material! [link via CraftGossip]
Send sweet messages to your Valentine this holiday by whipping up a few of these no-sew fortune cookies.
Don’t just make an apron for your little one, make them a matching chef hat!
You might remember the other day when I posed the question “Why would a stretch suiting material have the stretch going with the selvage? ” Ann let me know that menwear fabrics typically run this way to save on fabric. Thanks so much for answering my question!
With our weather warming up a tad this week, this tutorial for latex leggings sounds a bit hot. [link via Craft]
How to use fold over elastic (FOE).
Decorate your home for Valentiene’s with these Sweetheart Silhouette Pillows.
I love this tote tutorial – wouldn’t they be perfect to put your Valentine goodies into?


Why would a stretch suiting material have the stretch going with the selvage?
Let me start from the beginning. I raided my stash in an attempt to find a black fabric suitable for my upcoming pants project. Since nothing would work, I decided to head out to Joann’s to find a stretch suiting. I came across a (relatively) nice material that would work, washed it, and started cutting. After cutting out one leg, I realized, the stretch is going the wrong way! Now my fabric is too short to place the pattern pieces the other direction so later on in the evening I head back out to the store to buy more material.
This leads me back to the question, ‘Why would a stretch suiting material have the stretch going with the selvage? ‘ You don’t even want to know the answer I got from the girl at the cutting table.
Edited to add the cutting girl’s comments: I’ve had quite a few emails and comments asking what the girl at the cutting table said – let me tell you, I still don’t understand what she was trying to say. Basically she told me that the reason for the stretch going with the selvage is for skirts – so people are able to pull them down while they’re wearing them (she even demonstrated this for me after I gave her a confused look). After that, I told her I still didn’t understand why you wouldn’t want the stretch going across your body – she just made a funny face and handed me my fabric to check out.


Tracing. Lots and lots of tracing. It’s been so long since I’ve used a pattern that you can just whack into I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like!
There are several projects that I’ve been meaning to sew or that have caught my eye. Consequently, I’m making it ‘priority’ to work on them this week. Currently, I am tracing off Jalie 2561 (the Express Editor style pant) and the boatneck top (108A) from February’s Burda World of Fashion magazine (I’ll be putting both of these on the sidebar today). I’m thinking if the boatneck goes well, I’ll be altering it to make a “Walk on the Wild Side” mesh top similar to Ann’s.
What are you working on this week?