Crafty Book Giveaway Week: Day 5

Today’s crafty book giveaway is 90-Minute Fabric Fun. This book includes projects for fabric boxes, bowls and locker hooking that can all be completed in an afternoon!
Want to win this book for yourself? Leave a comment in this thread by midnight (CST), Saturday, January 17 to be eligible (need a comment starter? Let me know your favorite movie of all time!). One winner will be drawn on Sunday, January 18 and announced on the site. Good luck and don’t forget to enter this week’s previous book giveaways (be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 6 of Crafty Book Giveaway Week)!
By the way, since I’m doing the giveaway, Linky Thursday is postponed until next week – however, be sure to stop by The Sewing Republic – they have 3 new projects up including one that I created, The Ribbon Clutch!

24 thoughts on “Crafty Book Giveaway Week: Day 5

  1. Sandy in W

    Well, I haven’t won anything in quite a long time….so, my favorite movie of all time would have to be Steel Magnolias.

  2. Carrie

    Wow! The ribbon clutch is great, I love it, good job. Wish I had somewhere glamorous to carry it! LOL Would it look good at Target or McDonald’s? =)

  3. bernadette

    I love the ribbon clutch! Wish I had time to make one for an inaugural ball on Monday night (‘unofficial’ ball – but supposedly one of the *hot* tickets because You-Know-Who ‘might’ stop by!)
    For more casual or preppy looks, it would be fun in polka dot, check, plaid, and solid ribbons.

  4. HeatherG

    My fave movie of all time is Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It’s such a silly movie but I love it! And every time I watch it again I see something new and funny in it!

  5. Mary Deeter

    Looks like a great book. My favorite movie of all time would have to be An Affair to Remember with Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant…or maybe Casablanca. I love old movies! Mary

  6. Marsha

    Love the ribbon clutch! I guess I’d have to say “When Harry Met Sally” is my favorite movie….takes me back in time–my roommate and I loved this movie and quoted lots of lines from it–reminds me my carefree days of playing volleyball every night of the week and hanging out at the beach on weekends!

  7. Christine

    My favorite movie of all time has to be….Lor….no wait….Stee…no hang on…..Cas…no…oh geez…this one is way too hard for me to pick. I guess my favorite movie of all time depends on my mood. I don’t think I can pick just 1! I just watched Steel Magnolias though for the first time in a looong time and I really do love it.

  8. Karen

    Just recently found this sewing blog and I love it already! My favorite movie of all time is Immortal Beloved. Lots of great actors/actresses. Makes me boohoo every time!

  9. anary

    any movie with carry grant, fred asteire are gooooood movies from all times!
    my your give away is fab! so many useful books. xo

  10. kelly

    Favorite movie? hmmm, there are so many, but my best favorite is probably “The Princess Bride”
    You’ve got so many great books for your giveaway…I’d love to see your craft library!

  11. Sheila

    Wow! You have such cool books that you are giving away! Well, my favorite of the past few years is “13 Going On 30”. It makes me cry & laugh. If I go back to older movies, it would have to be “Anne of Green Gables” the one with Megan Follows, along with “Anne of Avonlea”, but I didn’t like the third one as well.

  12. Aimey

    My favorite recent movie is p.s.I Love You. It didn’t help that I watched it while I was pregnant. I don’t think I stopped crying for days afterward!

  13. Anne

    Hm – I must say that I haven’t watched a lot of movies lately but from the funny movies category, I must say that “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” is top rank.

  14. Dawn

    Loving your book thing missing the chat and the Thursday list. Fave film is hard Pulp fiction/Matrix/Leaving Las Vegas you pick. Dawn

  15. Gwen

    Aha–a Bernina girl! Me Too.
    Great bag!
    I love old movies. “From Here to Eternity” is one of my favorites.

  16. MichelleB

    I don’t know about my favorite movie, but I can tell you the campiest movie I’ve seen (and actually kind of enjoyed) – Bride and Prejudice. Hysterical.

  17. Kris C.

    Hmm….it totally depends on my mood. I can safely say that I love the Lord of the Rings movies, and also that The Mummy/The Mummy Returns can *always* make me laugh.

  18. Jenna

    The ribbon clutch is awesome! i agree with a previous poster that it would be fun it polka dots, and stripes! i love the sewing republic site a lot! i check it every week… acutally that is how i found your site thinking about it now! keep up the great work for them, and thank you for doing this book give away! 🙂

  19. Chelsey

    I don’t know which movie is my favourite — I like so many! “Beauty and the Beast”, “Princess Bride” and “Anne of Green Gables” to name a few. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. katie

    My favorite movie of all time is Gone with the Wind. But I’ve gotta throw props to the Princess Bride, too!

  21. Judi

    Hmmm that’s a tough one… I know it is childish, but my favourite movie is still (20 years later) The Labyrinth.

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