Crafty Book Giveaway Week: Day 4

Whether it’s a project for a craft swap or a quick homemade gift, I’m always on the search for a quick project that looks ‘pulled together’. Sew It In Minutes has 24 tutorials that can be completed in 60, 90, 120 or 240 minutes – and is today’s Crafty Book Giveaway!
Want to win this book for yourself? Leave a comment in this thread by midnight (CST), Saturday, January 17 to be eligible (need a topic starter? How about telling me your favorite pattern of 2008?). One winner will be drawn on Sunday, January 18 and announced on the site. Good luck and don’t forget to enter this week’s previous book giveaways (be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 5 of Crafty Book Giveaway Week)!

33 thoughts on “Crafty Book Giveaway Week: Day 4

  1. Marguerite

    My favorite thing to make was the Margaret Bag from Oh, Fransson! I made it for my sister and it took only four hours … but it would be excellent to find something faster!

  2. Blakely

    How about the pattern I made the most this past year would have to be Simplicity 9853. I made several pairs of pajamas for my nephew and he loves them.

  3. Alice S

    I also found the Margaret bag pattern to be a favorite. I made 2 for Christmas gifts. My resolution is to attempt the AB Weekender bag this year. I’ve wanted to do this for months and am starting to gather materials for it.

  4. HeatherG

    This book would be great for me because most of the time I have very little time for my crafting hobbies (with being a full time student, mom, wife, full time employee, going through adult catechism and keeping up with my house). So having some fun projects that I could do in an evening would be awesome!

  5. Christine

    Well since I’m relatively new to sewing, I can’t really say I have a favorite pattern, but I LOVE making pjs. I love working with fun flannel fabrics to make warm cozy pjs for lounging around it. 🙂

  6. Sylvia Keeler

    I like to whip up zippered pouches – so cute and fast! The book sounds great for great gifts.

  7. MelissaB

    Hmm, my favorite thing to sew from 2008? I was either the Jalie Sweetheart top or the t-shirts and tank tops I made myself from the 2/07 issue of Ottobre Woman.
    Sounds like a great book today. I am trying to get my sewing mojo back after my power sewing session in December. I think small projects that are completed quickly help to get the energy going again. I am sewing something tho, a jeans jacket from a KS pattern. It’s going well and was a UFO from the fall.

  8. J.J.

    OOOoooohhhh, I LOVE each book more each DAY! Help! I might have an addiction!
    I tried a bunch of fun patterns this year, both grown up (for me) patterns, and little kid patterns (I have a 3 year old girl and 4 year old boy)…after much frustration with how little girl’s dress patterns all have stupid zippers/buttons, etc. in the back (which is frustrating since my girl is a self-dresser), I made up my own little peasant knot-strap dress that she can get on and off by herself. (I happened to make 40 of them altogether – 10 for us, and sold 30!!!) So, that became my favorite pattern…self-drafted.

  9. Liz

    I would have to say my favorite (that I made) was BurdaStyle’s Danielle- I got an awesome LBD out of it. My favorite that I enjoyed seeing was Kasia. Honorable mention goes to the wrap dress pattern from which I made my sister’s Christmas present- New Look 6674 (although I made a lot of alterations).
    This book looks great! I would love it!

  10. MichelleB

    My favorite pattern of the year was a quilt pattern called Stacked Cakes Reflected. And I liked it so much because I did it in 1974 fabrics and it’s yummy.

  11. Mamasoo

    I found an old pattern in my mom’s sewing basket for stuffed dinosaurs. I’ve been making pink brontos (this was the age before apatasaurs) green stegs and blue rexes (rexi?) Having so much fun! I would love this book- pick me, Monty!
    Thanks- great blog!

  12. Jenna

    oh! this one looks like a lot of fun too! i love making things that take a little amount of time… instant gratification!!! 🙂

  13. Nichole

    I haven’t really used any clothes patterns this year, but I have made several quilts. Those were awesome to get completed for Christmas.

  14. Aimey

    I really did like the emmeline apron pattern but this year I did A LOT of baby sewing. Not only was I pregnant but a family member and two friends were pregnant in 08 as well. I sewed so many receiving blankets, burp cloths, baby quilts, nursing covers, etc. etc. Now it looks like we have at least three more (NOT ME!) coming in 09. I guess I’ll have a repeat of last year – I do love sewing baby stuff!

  15. Kitten

    I don’t really have a favorite pattern since I’m a new sewer and I’ve only sewn from two patterns so far. They were both okay, but nothing I’d rave about. I hope to get more experience this year. 🙂

  16. Adrienne

    I’ve made a ton of the scalloped baby blankets from the Bend the Rules book … such an easy but nice gift to give someone. I’d have to say that is my favorite (and with a decent chunk of time can be finised in one sitting!)

  17. Sandy in W

    Well, I have made a couple of shirts out of the ever-popular New Look 6407…I really like the neckline and collar.

  18. Katie R

    I learned to sew in 2008. So all my patterns were good because they were a learning process. I really liked stuff out of bend the rules and I loved many online tutorials and patterns.

  19. Sheila

    The Emmeline apron was my favorite. And I have to thank you because you were the one who introduced it to me! Maybe you could say “your welcome” by picking me!?! Thanks for everything you share!

  20. Anne

    My favorite pattern of the year was the Classic Tote pattern from Sew Mama Sew! No fit hassle, no nothing – I have had so much fit hassle this year that a fit free pattern is a BLISS. 🙂

  21. Kris C.

    My favorite patterns this year were probably the leather shoe patterns I used: Chloe Toes or Make Them Yourself. I made a lot of shoes for the little monster! 🙂

  22. Chelsey

    I made a draw string bag, but I’m just starting out so no official pattern yet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Cindy

    My favorite pattern was the Car Organizer from Craft Apple. I made everyone in my family one for a Christmas gift and they loved them!

  24. Jeannie W.

    I have too many patterns just to pick one favorite. I did use this one alot–McCall 5362–super easy tote bags. Made quite a few and if anyone wants an easy tote bag, can be done in a few hours. That’s why I would love this book–fast sewing projects are a must when you’re a mom of 3 DDs. 🙂

  25. katie

    My favorite pattern this year was a Simplicity Craft pattern of a bunny, dog, or teddy bear. I have made a Daddy & Mommy bunny, to the delight of my twins.

  26. Judi

    This book looks great for that quick sewing fix. I havent been able to sew this last year as I have been working on a yacht, but I cant wait to become land based again and start sewing all the fabulous patterns I have been ordering on the Vogue website!

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