First Project Of The New Year

I managed to put the finishing touches on my v-neck shirt – attaching the neckline and adding hems. While the fit is fine, the color is absolutely dreadful on me. I’ll wear it a few times, but I don’t see this making it beyond one season. I do plan on making this style again in the future, though – just in a different material.
Now to start tracing off the Boulevard Jacket. After a quick glace, this pattern has quite a few pieces so marking everything should take awhile (not to mention the cutting)!

5 thoughts on “First Project Of The New Year

  1. gwen

    How about a little chiffon neck scarf in a bright color of your choice–red, bright pink? Then repeat that color in a bracelet, shoes, or handbag?

  2. Ruth

    I’m looking forward to seeing your Boulevard jacket. I have the pattern but don’t know when I’ll get to it. What fabric will you be using?

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