Upcoming Giveaways

It happens several times a year – some internal cleaning clock goes off and I feel the sudden urge to organize, purge, and straighten rooms in the house. My latest target? My sewing room. Instead of finishing up my Jalie top (I have the V-neck to insert and hems to put in), I tackled my cutting table, bookshelves, desk, etc. (I still need to sort through stashed patterns). The result? A week-long book giveaway! That’s right, I’m de-cluttering some of my books (to make room for more!) and thought I would share with those that are interested in increasing their sewing library. So, mark your calendars – starting Sunday evening I’ll be giving away one new book (published within the past 2-3 years) each day for 7 days.
Now that my area is clean and no longer distracting me, I can get back to the business of sewing!

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Giveaways

  1. Jacqui

    I get that urge, too! Just yesterday I went through my son’s dressers. He’s grown a few inches in a few months so it’s time get rid of things. My overall goal for the month is finishing up my UFO pile. I have too many!

  2. angie.a

    I had a burst of cleaning out energy this weekend too!! But it was closets, not sewing area (which definitely could use some work!)

  3. stephanie

    Sunday, I did the kitchen. All of the cabinets, drawers, everything spread out all over the counters and the floor. I even changed the shelf paper (which was pretty disgusting). Then, on Monday, I fired my cleaning lady.
    If only I could find someone new who could tackle the sewing room…

  4. MelissaB

    I know all to well of the feeling of needing to clean coming over loud and clear. I’ve been painting up a storm and it looks so much better. I’ll be watching for the books, sounds fun!

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