Do you hear that? It’s the whir of my sewing machine! Now that the holidays are over and everything has settled down around here, I’m able to sit in front of my machine and work on some projects. The first, the pincushion for my latest swap (so no peeking Kelly).

I was inspired to make this pincushion after browsing on the internet and stumbling across January 2009’s Cotton Time magazine. Inside was what looked like cactus pincushions! Since I couldn’t quite tell how they made their version, I winged it. For mine, I created one of Whip Up’s flower pincushions in a mottled green material. I made fewer petals than what the tutorial instructed (to keep it cactus like) and used a fun fur yarn inside each section to give it a needle look. I hot glued everything inside a flower pot and topped it off with a wire flower.
I liked it so much (it looks more like a cactus in person than what my photography depicts), I even made one for myself!

3 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. Mary

    Very cute! Inspires me to make a new pin cushion. Mine are looking pretty ratty. Guess I’ll have to watch for the next swap and get in on some of that action! Glad your back at the sewing machine. Here’s to a productive 2009! Mary

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