A Few Updates

Wow those pincushion swaps on Craftster fill up fast! I had just signed up for the latest swap and it’s already full and partners announced. This time I’m crafting a pincushion for Kelly of refibered. Hopefully, I’ll have time this weekend to put some ideas to fabric and start sewing!
Speaking of fabric, you’ll never guess what arrived on my doorstep yesterday evening? My order from Crybabys Boutique – three weeks (we’re very close to a month now) after ordering and zero contact from the seller (even after sending 4 separate emails). The material is wonderful and exactly as described plus there was even an extra yard of material that I hadn’t ordered and Taylor loved (I’m still not sure if this was a ‘bonus’ or just a fluke, nothing was attached to my packing slip). I really wish she would have sent back some sort of email letting me know what was going on with my package so I would feel more comfortable placing an order in the future. Consequently, I’ll probably stick with the Fabric Fairy (which I have also recently placed an order with). Here’s a preview of my order:

You’ll notice that the headphone fabric appears in this order too. When I thought I wasn’t going to get my Crybaby package, I placed my order with the Fabric Fairy and put this in my cart (you can tell I really wanted this material). Once it arrives, I’ll have 5 yards of it – way too much for what I was planning! I may sell 2 yards of it sometime in the future if anyone is interested.
Lastly, I did a bit of notions shopping over the new year. Want to know what $25 will get you? Here’s a shot of my goodies:

After all the box bags that I made over Christmas, I completely depleted my stash of large zippers. Since Hancock fabrics had them 50% off I thought it was time to load up, plus pick up a few separating zippers for future hoodie projects (there’s some thread in there and a handful of buttons as well).

4 thoughts on “A Few Updates

  1. Leesa

    That headphone fabric is fun. My daughter would love that it reminds me of one of the icons her favorite band Hanson uses on much of their stuff.
    And I was thinking about joining that pin cushion swap. I guess I thought about it to long. And I just picked up the book Pretty Little Pincushions today with my JoAnns coupon. I’m sure there will be another one.

  2. MelissaB

    Looks like Easton likes notions. 🙂 So glad your fabric finally arrived, but the seller should have apologized profusely for the long delay.

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