Handmade Boom

Not that I’m pleased about the state of our economy, but I am happy to hear that the craftinghandmade market is seeing a boom this holiday season. This was the first year I actually sewed up a large number of gifts – around 15 items! While I thought I was going good, it’s not as impressive as some other Pattern Review members…. Melissa is up to 36 (Easton was even the recipient of one of her adorable My First Christmas bibs)! This leads me to my question, “What did you sew up this holiday season?”

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  1. CShelley

    Thanks to you I made 7 box bags for family and friends and filled them with all sorts of goodies. I also made my niece an apron which came out really good. I haven’t made stuff for presents in a very long time and I really enjoyed it!

  2. Desi

    Let’s see – I made some cloth grocery/tote bags and homemade cleaning supplies for my mom & older sister. A set of 3 nesting box bags (from the link to the tutorial you used) for my little sister. I sized the pattern up and down to make the bigger & smaller versions. She loved them. Then I crocheted a hat for my brother-in-law (skull cap) and made a xmas stocking for my new nephew. Crocheted scarves for another SIL and niece, Cell phone holder for another SIL and a few crocheted dish clothes as small gifts to friends/extended family. My crafting was about normal for the year. I try to make as many of my gifts by hand as possible. I’m glad to see the rise of Etsy and the resurgence of handmade items! It’s about time!!

  3. dawn

    I made 7 kid tops and 8 kid bottoms. I also made my husband a nice Polartec 300 jacket and a zip top raglan shirt in a snuggly Polartec 200. I also made two wristlets and several hats. I always try to have mostly handmade items under the tree. This year time snuck up on me but I think we still did a good job. Big brother wrapped up all his hand-me-downs and passed them on to his sisters after I added some embellishments to hide the various holes and stains.

  4. Marguerite

    I made Oh, Fransson!’s “Margaret bag” for my sister out of pink and brown Scottie prints. It was a big hit! (And, if sewing book texts counts, I made a bunch of books for people!)

  5. Lori

    This was quite a handmade Christmas, mostly because I have more time on my hands since I was laid off in September. I sewed three aprons for the guys in my family. I knit two hats, two scarves, and a pair of fingerless gloves. One more hat is in the works.

  6. Tamara

    I made more for presents than I ever have. I made a bunch of burp cloths for a couple of baby showers, dresses for my daughter and nieces and aprons for my nieces also. So, not a ton of stuff (like Melissa did) but a lot for me.

  7. angie.a

    I made upwards of 20, but I never did get them all entered in the PR contest! I ran out of steam reviewing them (plus, I’m never going to catch Melissa, haha!!)

  8. Katie

    I sewed up quite a few gifts, but my favorites were the dress I made my niece and the fleece coat I made for my brother’s little dog. 🙂 I had a ton of fun making Christmas presents and I plan on making more next year.

  9. MelissaB

    Well you know how many I made. I’ve definitely got pj’s down pat. I love that the kids want me to make their pj’s too. It warms my heart that they wear something I made them with love every single day. BTW, my SIL freaked over the box bag I made her, she couldn’t even believe I made it and said she’s been needing a new makeup bag for a while so it was perfect timing. Hopefully I’ll get that stupid Weekender bag done in time for her graduation.

  10. Aimey

    I made several of those crayon rolls from one of your links and they were a HUGE hit with the little ones. Thank you for the link!

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