A Sneek Peek

All the Christmas decorations have been taken down and packed away for another year, the house has been (almost) thoroughly cleaned, and the slow cooker (and recipe book) has been ‘tested out’. Needless to say, not much has been going on in the sewing room. I’ll take that back, not much that I can show you. I’ve been spending some of my spare time creating a project for the spring issue of Sew Simple. While this is a magazine devoted to beginning sewers, I tried to make a project that might be something even the most advanced seamstress might take a stab at. My initial design changed quite a bit from the final outcome (my original idea seamed like it could be frustrating for a novice), but I’m really pleased the the result. Since I don’t want to show you exactly what I’m working on (you’ll have to wait for the issue to arrive for that), here’s a quick peek: