Thermal Thursday

Is it really Thursday, already? Besides the fact that this week has escaped me (I’m guessing because we haven’t left the house due to bad weather and colds), I spent last night happily sewing on Jalie 2805 and neglected to start ‘Linky Thursday’. Consequently, I’m holding off on them until tomorrow when I can devote the evening to posting them! Instead, I’m going to talk about my new top!
Although I’ve had Jalie 2805 since it was released earlier this year, I never attempted sewing it up until yesterday. I’m now wishing I would have started earlier – I love this design! The body of the shirt was made in a red thermal knit while the neckline is a coordinating red interlock that I had in my stash. I can’t remember ever sewing with thermal fabric before and I would like to say that it was quite a challenge. I wound up skipping using the sewing machine and switched to the serger – I found that the material stretched like mad while I sewed and I was afraid that the bottom hem would wind up at my knees by the time I was finished. The only thing that I wish I would have done differently is that I should have used a decorative flatlock on the seams – I think it would have given a more RTW henley look…. next time!
On the right is the whole pajama set put together. I’m now, officially, ready for Christmas morning!

6 thoughts on “Thermal Thursday

  1. Katie

    I love your pj set! I bought some thermal to make a nightgown out of it and just cutting it made me crazy – I had to put it aside. I’m glad it’s not just me that had a hard time with it! Your set is adorable though – great job!!!

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