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Favorites of 2008

Originally, I had planned on reviewing my sewing resolutions from last year, seeing how well I did with them and posting new ones. But seeing that I only had 3 (I think I was burned out from moving right before the holidays and being so tired from being pregnant), it seemed a little unexciting…. so, I thought I would pick out some of my favorite projects of the year. So without further ado, here they are – in no particular order:
The Jalie Racerback:

The Emmeline Apron:

The Sophia Bag:

This fun rockin’ baby gift set that I sewed up for a swap:

And of course, the box bags!

I have lots of projects in store for 2009, but would love to know what some of your favorites that you sewed up this year!

Handmade Boom

Not that I’m pleased about the state of our economy, but I am happy to hear that the craftinghandmade market is seeing a boom this holiday season. This was the first year I actually sewed up a large number of gifts – around 15 items! While I thought I was going good, it’s not as impressive as some other Pattern Review members…. Melissa is up to 36 (Easton was even the recipient of one of her adorable My First Christmas bibs)! This leads me to my question, “What did you sew up this holiday season?”

A Sneek Peek

All the Christmas decorations have been taken down and packed away for another year, the house has been (almost) thoroughly cleaned, and the slow cooker (and recipe book) has been ‘tested out’. Needless to say, not much has been going on in the sewing room. I’ll take that back, not much that I can show you. I’ve been spending some of my spare time creating a project for the spring issue of Sew Simple. While this is a magazine devoted to beginning sewers, I tried to make a project that might be something even the most advanced seamstress might take a stab at. My initial design changed quite a bit from the final outcome (my original idea seamed like it could be frustrating for a novice), but I’m really pleased the the result. Since I don’t want to show you exactly what I’m working on (you’ll have to wait for the issue to arrive for that), here’s a quick peek:

In The Pink

Do you ever find that when you buy fabrics you tend to gravitate to the same color palate? I’m beginning to think that I do (please tell me I’m not the only one!). Here’s the fat quarters I came home with the other day after visiting a local quilt shop:

Apparently, I’m in a pink phase.

Christmas At Our House

I was so focused on my rant yesterday that I completely forgot to talk about Christmas. Ann had tagged her readers asking them what they had received for Christmas this year, so I thought I would share:

I plan on gathering ‘supplies’ and testing out the crock pot tomorrow night and the DVD games have already been cracked open (great fun!). Now that I’ve shared my haul, I’d love to know what you got for the holidays!


Christmas was wonderful – everyone had a great time, Taylor was thrilled with all of her gifts, Easton felt better (after having a high fever on Christmas Eve) and played with all of his toys, we ate wonderful food, and all enjoyed each other’s company! So where does the disappointment come in? My experience with Crybabyboutique. I placed my order on December 9 and still have not received a package (according to the USPS website, it still hasn’t been shipped). I’ve used their ‘contact us’ section of their site 3 times, emailed once and still have not received a response. I know that other people have ordered from this site in the past and had a good experience, but I can’t say that mine has been stellar – in fact I’m about ready to contact my credit card company and paypal to dispute the charges if I either don’t hear from the seller or have my order in my hands in the next few days. What a pain in the rear!

The Office Has Arrived

Remember The Office swap that I participated in awhile back and was flaked on? A wonderful Craftster moderator (the swap organizer also flaked on the whole group) set me up with a great angel and my package arrived today – just in time for Christmas (in fact, she wrapped everything, too). Not only did she create this awesome Dwight stuffie from my Wist, but she also made something for each of the kids. For Easton she made a bib with the quote “The Schrutes make thirsty babies.” For Taylor, she made a Toby plush (one of her favorite characters). The rest of the package included a DWIGHT t-shirt, a Schrutebucks necklace, and a “I’m dreaming of a Dwight Christmas” ornament (I love it). Here’s the rest of the goodies:

Last Minute Sewing

Can you believe Taylor is still in school? We are the only district in our area that isn’t on break for the holidays. Of course, with Taylor continuing her ‘usual’ schedule, things are extremely busy – and there’s lots of quick projects to show for it. First, I created some ‘mittens’ for a candy relay race for her party this afternoon (you have the kids wear mittens and unwrap Hershey’s Kisses). Originally, I had intended on making several ‘nice’ set – something that could be used over again. Instead, I was sewing last-minute presents for Taylor to give to a few of her friends (more on that in a few minutes) and wound up doing a very quick and easy version. Actually, I’m not sure that they could even be considered mittens, they’re more like hand sleeves! Oh well, considering their purpose, they’ll work!
I also sewed up 3 clutches from Bend-the-Rules Sewing. Taylor selected the fabrics from my stash and I sorted through my buttons and came up with these:

I have a feeling that I will have a request for more clutches once she comes home tonight.
Now that the sewing is done, it’s time to finish up last minute party details. Thank goodness today is the last day of school!


Whew, what a weekend! It was not only fun, but busy and downright cold (darn those bitterly cold temperatures) all at the same time! Now that we’re back, I’m attempting to read all of my emails and favorite websites – I’ve determined it may take me days before I’m caught up….
In the mean time, if you’re looking for a quick-to-whip up, last minute gift don’t forget to check out some of the fabulous postings at CraftStylish. One of my favorites is this fantastic Tool Roll-Up complete with embroidered pockets…. what a great idea for a guy gift!
Now back to reading… oh yes, and some last minute mitten sewing. More on that tomorrow.