So Much Pink

In my effort to make more items for Christmas gifts this year, I decided to put together a ‘themed’ present for my niece. Since she made an adorable Snow White this year, I decided to go with a ‘princess’ theme:

I used a purchased denim tote and added an outside pocket (in princess fabric) that goes all the way around the bag then stuffed it with fun items like stickers and a giant pencil. Then I filled the rest of the bag up with the marker roll, a coloring book, a DIY princess pillowcase, “Grow a Princess”, etc. I contemplated lining the bag with the rest of the crownprincess material, but the tote is already so (full of) pink, I thought it might look like Pepto. Hopefully she likes the bag and goodies, but I’ll let you know the final results after she unwraps it!

2 thoughts on “So Much Pink

  1. bernadette

    A little girl’s dream! You are a fun auntie. I enjoy my sons, little grandson, and four nephews but (sigh) a little girl would surely add to the fun.

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