The Basics of Corset Building

I’ve long admired corsets. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they look fabulous on everyone who wears them. However, corsetry is one thing I have never tried. I recently received The Basics of Corset Building: A Handbook for Beginners and have spent the past week and a half pouring over it.
Linda Sparks, owner of Farthingales L.A., penned The Basics of Corset Building so that it covers everything a beginner would need in order to make their first corset. Her book discusses the tools and materials you need before you begin (everything from selecting your fabric to learning about types of steel), how to properly fit and alter your pattern (Linda recommends Laughing Moon’s Dore and Simplicity 9769), and how to construct and build your waist cincher (how to set grommets, how to work with boning, making a muslin). With a little knowledge behind me, I’m feeling more confident about making my own.
Looking for some celebrity’s who have been recently spotted wearing their corset? Just check out this article I wrote recently at Threadbanger.

2 thoughts on “The Basics of Corset Building

  1. Anary

    Thanks Stacy! My very fisrt simplicity patter was a corset…I never made it..HAHA. MAybe after this review I will get some encouragement!
    BTW your cupcake picuchion with lolipops is rocking!

  2. bernadette

    I admire corsets, too. I’ve even heard that they can be comfortable, and supportive to the back!
    Lacis is a shop in Berkeley, CA and also on-line, which stocks all kinds of corset-making supplies. It does all look rather complicated, though.

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