The Whole Package (And A Few Extras)

After looking at all my swap items, I felt like I needed to add something else…..

So I made my partner a scarf! I can’t take too much credit for the fun cutout designs – this was a pre-printed kit that I cut out to achieve this look. I wish I had more of these, although they wouldn’t be great for really cold weather (my partner lives in Florida so this shouldn’t be too much of a concern), they sure are cute.
With everything complete, it was time to make the stocking. Since one of my partner’s favorite fabrics is a Christmas toile, I decided to make a simple looking stocking to ‘showcase’ the fabric. I was really inspired by this Amy Butler pattern, so I decided to make something similar. For the body I used a white (non-pill) fleece and for the lining and cuff a home decor toile print. It looked a bit plain so I added a ‘toe’ and ‘heal’ to one side of the fabric (that way if she’s interested in a simpler stocking she can flip to the other side).
So, without further ado, here’s everything ready to go:

Now I can’t wait for her to receive the package and start unwrapping!

4 thoughts on “The Whole Package (And A Few Extras)

  1. melissa

    Wow – you’ve done the impossible and made a fleece scarf really stylish! I love the cutout idea, as the bits that hang down don’t really keep you warm anyway. I’d love to do this in dark green fleece with a forest motif – lots of cut out leaves, birds, trees, squirrels, etc….

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