Hanging Pocket

Before I get started, don’t forget to enter the Jalie 2561 giveaway. I’ll be drawing a name on Thursday, so there’s only a few days to sign up.
Now, to the sewing…… The other day that my swap package is due Friday – which means that I really need to get my rear in gear and finish everything up (no peeking Carrie).

Since so many of my items are small to medium size, I wanted to make something large. Originally, I was going to sew her a big Hello Kitty doll, but I decided on something more functional…. a messenger bag. I went round and round as to what pattern to use and finally decided on Amy Butler’s messenger (you can see my original version that I made 2 years ago here).
Before starting this project, I made a few modifications:
Since I was going to use the Warhol soup print as the main design I thought that I should tone down the print a bit with contrasting (solid) sides. I also made the strap a solid as well.
In Amy’s original pattern design, there are a number of zippers and pockets. I eliminated most of them except the interior ‘tool pocket’ which is both zippered and has compartments for storing items.
Since my exterior fabrics are on the stiff side, I eliminated the canvas interlining. I thought that this would help keep things from getting too bulky and eliminate some frustration.
After making my changes and cutting out all the fabrics, all I had time for was creating the hanging tool pocket. Here’s what I have so far:

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