Peppermint Fizz

Way back in July I had purchased citric acid (the only ingredient that I had trouble tracking down) so that I could make bath bombs. After sitting on the stuff for months, I finally got to work and made my own (peppermint scented for the holidays):

Overall they turned out pretty well and they are easy enough to make, but there is a ‘learning curve’ as to packing them in tight enough that they stay together after they are unmolded. I found my mixture was a bit on the dry side, so I wound up adding a bit more water to them which helped them retain the shape. Over packing the molds also helped, but we’ll see if they don’t crack in the center after they are dry. Now the real test – using them in my next bath!

4 thoughts on “Peppermint Fizz

  1. sassypriscilla

    I love making the bath bombs. Sometimes the humidity has an effect on them. I also use a little glycerine when I make mine. I don’t know if that helps but it makes the bath softer.
    Yours turned out lovely!

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