A Few Reminders

If you didn’t have a chance to vote for your favorite costume in Pattern Review’s Costume contest, then here’s your chance to pick your favorite. Even if you voted last time, you’ll need to cast your votes again – it appears that not everyone’s selection made it to the final tally. So go check them out, there are some great projects that everyone came up with this season!
Also, don’t forget to enter in the Jalie 2561 giveaway!
Now off to get a bit of holiday shopping in, do a bit of swap sewing, and play my new game!

One thought on “A Few Reminders

  1. Katrina

    My husband just got that game yesterday. Every since he told me about it I’ve been excited. Now I don’t play much video games… I actually don’t play any but for some reason I want to play this one. I remember back when I was pregnant with my 1st child and was at home all day on maternity leave I played Grand Theft Auto. I kinda got addicted to it!! Seriously. When I did play games, my kind of thing used to be Roller Coaster Tycoon (which no one considers a real video game, but I do). I just loved that one. Anyway, I will be playing today or tomorrow myself. Have FUN!!!!

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