Making Work Look Fun

“….but you make it look so fun.”
With the cold weather hitting hard and the fact that I’ve already started a few Christmas presents, I thought it was time to crack out the paint and start making some Marbled Glass Bulbs (they make great teacher gifts and I’m thinking of putting some in my Etsy shop this year). For the first time, Taylor decided on helping me. After showing her what to do a few times, I handed her the paint and let her get to work. After 3 ornaments, she handed everything back and said she was done. I asked her why and she told me it was too boring that that I always make it look fun! Even though I lost a helper, I’m glad to hear that I look like I’m having fun working!
What are you all up to this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Making Work Look Fun

  1. Anary

    These bulbs are so pretty..I found a place that sell wholesale ( I think) these clear bulbs. I thought about you right away!
    I am trying to get my embroidery started, so as my curtains, laundry, should I continue? HAHA.It has been a mad weekend…I love it!

  2. Kasey

    Sadly, I’m having to watch everyone else’s projects this weekend.
    I’m having oral surgery Monday, and was warned that I could be down for a week. I’m trying to get everything done so hubby will have an easy time taking care of everything for me.
    Those bulbs are so cool! I think I’d enjoy making some myself. Are they from a book?

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