Yummy Pt. 2

I spent some time n the sewing room yeserday and managed to come up with one more item for my Christmas stocking swap….

I figured you can’t have pins without having something to stick them into so I created Carrie a new pincushion. Keeping with a ‘sweet’ theme, I decided on sewing up a large cupcake (from Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle)

This seems to be a good size pincushion for either decoration or for regular use and I love the fact that it’s weighted down with poly-pellets. I may have to keep this pattern in mind for my next Pincushion Swap.

3 thoughts on “Yummy Pt. 2

  1. Lory

    So cute! I’ve seen some made out of felt, and I’ve been curious to try them out. Are they fairly easy to make?

  2. Kasey

    Too cute!
    I think my mother would love something like this. What are the general dimensions? Regular tomato pincushion size?
    Off to put that book on my wishlist!

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