While Bret and Taylor took advantage of the beautiful day we had yesterday and went fishing, Easton and I went shopping for some swap supplies (so no peeking Carrie!)…..

For quite some time now, I’ve been drooling over the gorgeous pin toppers at shops like GigiMinor (I even purchased a cute Starbucks pin a little over a month ago). So, for my latest swap, I set out to make my own:

Since I’m not very experienced with polymer clay, I opted to make simple, swirled Christmas lollies. For the most part, they turned out fairly well, although I think that they could use a bit more white in most of them. I also learned several things:
1) Regular dressmaking pins really aren’t long enough. The only thing that I can figure that would give me the length are hand sewing needles.
2) Finished pins really need some ‘shine’. I used some spray acrylic to protect the surface and give it a bit of a gloss.

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