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On A Roll…..

Last year I purchased Last Minute Patchwork Gifts (you can read my review of it here). It quickly became one of my favorite books and I made several items from it. However, there was one project (of several) that I desperately wanted to make but never got to – the Colored Pencil Roll. Since I’ve decided to (try to) make more handmade items this year for gifts, I thought this might be a great present for my friend’s children. However, instead of colored pencils (i thought younger kids might not like using them) I opted for markers.
As soon as Joann’s put fat quarters on sale, I ran out and purchased enough for a 12 marker set. Once I had all my materials ready, I couldn’t wait to get started – consequently, I’ve already begun piecing! I plan on putting up information on the sidebar later on this afternoon and hope to have completed project photos up soon. Do you think if I get this one under my belt, I’ll have enough time to make the gorgeous Color Wheel Quilt?

Making Work Look Fun

“….but you make it look so fun.”
With the cold weather hitting hard and the fact that I’ve already started a few Christmas presents, I thought it was time to crack out the paint and start making some Marbled Glass Bulbs (they make great teacher gifts and I’m thinking of putting some in my Etsy shop this year). For the first time, Taylor decided on helping me. After showing her what to do a few times, I handed her the paint and let her get to work. After 3 ornaments, she handed everything back and said she was done. I asked her why and she told me it was too boring that that I always make it look fun! Even though I lost a helper, I’m glad to hear that I look like I’m having fun working!
What are you all up to this weekend?

First Of Many, Probably

I knew that I wanted to make several of these for Christmas gifts this year, but now that I have one under my belt, I definitely want to make more! However, seeing that this one is a swap gift, I’m saving the photo for the next page (so no peeking, Carrie)….

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Linky Thursday

Design your ultimate sewing room and you could win over $7,000 in prizes!
If you’ve been to a sewing class then you’ve probably seen those handy pincushionthread catchers. Now you can make one for yourself with this handy tutorial. [link via Craft]
Celebrity DIY Style – Corsets.
The latest Craftsanity episode talks with Amy Butler – plus there’s lots of great Amy Butler swag to be given away, too!
Looking for some free fabric? Enter Embroidery Treasure’s 38 5″ charm squares giveaway.
Start planning your holiday sewing – BurdaStyle’s pattern for a silk robe is a good place to start (come to think of it, I may need to make it for myself).
Recycle an old leather coat into a new handbag.
If you never know what to make for your guy, check out this entry to get your holiday craftyness started!
Not only does this tropical tree frog look amazing, the designer is giving it away.
Leave a comment in this post fo your chance to win 6 Marshmallow Dreams patterns. [link via Craft Gossip]
Before you throw out that coffee cup, check the lid – you may never need to buy shrink plastic again!
Free knit flared hat pattern just for voting!
Dread tablecloth hemming? He’re a quick tutorial that will show you how.


I probably don’t need to remind everyone to vote today, but since I just got back from doing my civic duty I thought I would ‘show off’ my sticker. By the way, you can also pick up a free cup of coffee at Starbucks today just by flashing one of these.
Speaking of voting, you can now pick your favorite costume on Pattern Review’s latest contest. Once again, the competition is stiff – there are over 40 amazing costumes that members sewed up this year!


While Bret and Taylor took advantage of the beautiful day we had yesterday and went fishing, Easton and I went shopping for some swap supplies (so no peeking Carrie!)…..

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Holiday Magazine Round Up

I made a promise to myself that this year I was going to make more Christmas gifts. In an effort to stick to that promise, I managed to purchase several holiday magazine issues. Here’s my analysis of the one’s I’ve bought. For the last 7 or so years I’ve purchased the special Sew News publication. Recently they shifted from a strictly Christmas issue to including other fall holidays as well (Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc.). I think is a great idea, especially since this one comes out sometime in August – plenty of time to craft for other events. Of course, I’m biased about this issue because I have two holiday card holder tutorials that appear in this issue!
Craftstylish also came out with a Gifts to Make issue again this year. This special magazine includes 25 super quick presents such as a socktopus, photo pillow, and button rings as well as 10 one hour projects like soothing eye pillows. Not only did the Craft Stylish name draw me into buying this issue (after all, I’ve loved most of their other magazines), but the fact that it had “plush toys” and “chic totes”. Little did I know that the toys and totes were just multiples of the same pattern. Drat! Overall, a good read, but I’m not sure how many items I’ll be sewing up from it.
The biggest disappointment of my holiday reading had to be Better Homes and Garden’s Holiday Crafts. Betz White had put up a post that she had some adorable cupcake ornaments that appeared in this issue – they were so cute that I knew I had to make them. I figured the content would be worthwhile since Betz had included a project and a cute Santa pillow graced the cover, but I found most of the content to be very ‘folksy’ in appearance and many items required very little sewing (or if it did, it was hand sewing, not with a machine). I think if I was looking to do some holiday projects with children that this would be something that I might come back to, but I didn’t really see anything that I would be willing to make and give as a Christmas gift.
One of my favorite (and most expensive) magazines that I purchased, was Quilting Arts Magazine Gifts. What sold me on this issue was the amazing stockings that were on the inside – I am determined to make at least one of these for Christmas. I found that there was lots of variety in the projects inside, grocery totes, wreaths, ornaments, totes, etc. although all of them are mixed media, quilted (hence the name), or a combination of the two. I found that there were several other projects that I wouldn’t mind attempting, although I’ll probably skip the fabric piecing and just use the directions for the overall design.
Lastly, there’s Sew Hip! This isn’t a holiday issue but the premiere sewing magazine from the UK. I had ordered this issue quite awhile ago and it arrived on my doorstep in early October. Overall, the magazine has thick glossy pages with lots of photographs, a variety of projects for all sewing levels, and some great interviews (Amy Butler, Prints Charming). If you spend a lot of time on the internet, some of the content (i.e. projects, products, and book reviews) isn’t particularly new, but I’m attributing that to the fact that it is a foreign magazine and book releases do tend to come out later than what we have in the US. Overall, it’s not a bad issue and I’m holding off too many opinions until I see another magazine from them.