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Peppermint Fizz

Way back in July I had purchased citric acid (the only ingredient that I had trouble tracking down) so that I could make bath bombs. After sitting on the stuff for months, I finally got to work and made my own (peppermint scented for the holidays):

Overall they turned out pretty well and they are easy enough to make, but there is a ‘learning curve’ as to packing them in tight enough that they stay together after they are unmolded. I found my mixture was a bit on the dry side, so I wound up adding a bit more water to them which helped them retain the shape. Over packing the molds also helped, but we’ll see if they don’t crack in the center after they are dry. Now the real test – using them in my next bath!

A Few Reminders

If you didn’t have a chance to vote for your favorite costume in Pattern Review’s Costume contest, then here’s your chance to pick your favorite. Even if you voted last time, you’ll need to cast your votes again – it appears that not everyone’s selection made it to the final tally. So go check them out, there are some great projects that everyone came up with this season!
Also, don’t forget to enter in the Jalie 2561 giveaway!
Now off to get a bit of holiday shopping in, do a bit of swap sewing, and play my new game!

The Giveaway

I’ve tired 5 times now to put up a book review post, but every time I attempt to start, something comes up (cranky baby, making pancakes for Taylor and her friend that slept over, etc.) so now that it’s almost noon, I’m giving up….. Instead, let’s do something simple, like a giveaway!
I now have two patterns for Jalie 2561 (I thought I had lost my original pattern, then went out and purchased it again, only to find it after hours of searching) which means I have one to give away (you can check out the reviews of this pattern here)!! To be eligible for this contest, leave a comment in this thread telling me your ‘must have’ pattern (or pattern combination) for this fall. I’ll even give you an extra entry if you link back to this post on your own blog, just be sure to leave a comment here with a link back to your blog post (FYI, your comment with a URL may not initially show up as I have put my blog spam filter on high lately. However, I’ll be going through all my comments so I’ll be sure to make sure they make it on the site and are an extra entry into the giveaway). I’ll end this contest midnight (CST) Wednesday November 18 and announce the winner (by random number generator) on my Linky Thursday post!

Great Start To The Weekend

This morning’s post comes a bit late since I spent the morning discussing sewing (over coffee) with my friend Sherri and designer Jackie Clark. We had a great time talking about this year’s quilt market (one of these years I will go), fabrics (look at this yummy line just for boys), and patterns. I even came home with several of Jackie’s designs to try out, so be prepared for a pattern review very soon!
Over the weekend I plan on finishing up my Christmas stocking swap items (and hopefully the stocking itself) and post a number of book reviews that I’ve gotten behind on (I think I’m up to 6). I’m also working on a giveaway as well – so keep your eyes open for that as well! What is everyone else working on?

Linky Thursday

Suggest you favorite soup and you could win some Anna Maria Horner kitchen swag!
Need a cute and quick quilt pattern? Then be sure to stop by Chickpea Sewing Studio for her latest free design.
Free chef’s hat pattern for adults and kids.
Design Sunkist Natural’s official t-shirt and you could win $500. [link via]
Amy Butler’s fall look-book and free patterns.
Zippers that look stunning off your clothing. [link via Craft]
Need a sewing tutorial? Check out this impressive list from Whip Up.
Free vintage “Charming Hostess” apron pattern.
Win your craft supply wishlist in Create for Less’ Dear Santa Sweepstakes.
Turn your ‘plain Jane’ t-shirt into a gathered yoke top or flutter sleeved tee.
Free knitted and felted bag pattern. [link via Craft]
What a great gift idea – the Anything Wrap.

More Swap Goodies

Yes, I did it again. I joined another swap. Not only am I addicted to hem, but pincushions as well. That’s why the latest pincushion swap grabbed my attention. Swap partners were only announced a few days ago, but I was so motivated to get crafting that I’m already finished! Fortuantely for me, one thing my partner wanted was a cupcake… so I made another version of the Sew Pretty Homestyle pattern. This time I made the top of the pincushion in a pretty pink wool felt and added glass bead ‘sprinkles’. I topped it off with two ‘lolly’ pins. Now I just need a box to ship and I’m ready to send!
I also made another gift for my Christmas Stocking swap partner, Carrie. This stuffed bird ornament can be found in Last Minute Quilted & Patchwork Gifts and comes together pretty quickly. I think if you had the time, you could decorate an entire tree with these cuties using your scrap fabrics!

On A Roll, Part 2

Well, they’re done! I created 4 marker rolls – 3 for my friend’s younger children and one for my niece (I’m doing an entire ‘princess’ theme for her Christmas gift). Here they are all together:

Overall, it’s a cute gift (I plan on pairing them up with a coloring book), but it’s more time consuming to sew up than what I had anticipated. I also think the patterned fabric on the pocket detracts from the fun prints that the markers set in so next time I plan on using a solid (not that I think the kids would care). If I use markers for the roll, I also intend on decreasing the height of the roll as the markers are a bit shorter than what colored pencils are. Hopefully, I’ll have the chance to put a more detailed review on PR this afternoon and possibly enter the Holiday Sewing Contest….

Perfect Pants

Recently, Needle Nook Fabrics announced their Fall Class Schedule. It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve taken a class so I thought it was time to take another. This time around, I’m going for their Slacks class (as I am always in search for the perfect pair of pants). My biggest problem now is finding a pattern that I would like to use. Ann sells Kwik Sew, Burda, and Jalie (I already own 2561 and I think I’ll save that for working on at home) so I would love to have some recommendations on patterns from those companies. I’m looking for something trendy (but no too trendy that it will be out of style too soon and no skinny leg pants – I think my legs might look like sausages in them!) and can be made into a casual or dressy pant. Any suggestions?